The German police raided several places in the country on Thursday related to an extreme right-wing group. It was banned earlier today by the German Ministry of the Interior.

A ministry spokesman said early morning raids occurred in ten of the sixteen German states.

It concerns the group of United German Peoples and Tribes (GdVuSt), which is affiliated with the nationalist Reichsbürger movement. Supporters question the legitimacy of the German federal state and regularly clash with the authorities.

A man linked to the Reichsbürger movement murdered a policeman in 2016 and injured two others during a gunshot change. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

In recent months, more fatal violent incidents with a right-wing extremist background have taken place. Last month, a man shot dead nine people with a migrant background in the city of Hanau, and two people were killed in an attack on a synagogue in Halle last October.

German government is going to keep a closer eye on the extreme right

After the mass shooting in Hanau, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer declared that the extreme right is "the biggest security threat in Germany" and announced stricter measures. The federal police and security services are adding hundreds of functions to step up surveillance of the right-wing extremist environment.

In February, German police arrested 12 men suspected of preparing attacks on mosques to bring about a "civil war-like situation".