Local sources said that the security services in the Yemeni port of Socotra seized containers that arrived via a ship belonging to an Emirati charity, and that they contained equipment and armored vehicles used for military purposes.

According to the sources, the containers were carrying posters of an Emirati fish company managed by the Emirati delegate in Socotra, Brigadier General Khalfan Al Mazrouei, and it was transported in the "Adastra" ship of the Khalifa Foundation for Humanitarian Works.

A local official said that the Emirati ship includes dozens of cars and equipment that were going to be distributed to rebel military and security leaders, "and to buy loyalties in Socotra."

It is reported that on February 27 last, a military battalion in Socotra announced its rebellion against the Yemeni government, and its support for the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council, following the beach guard battalion rebellion at the beginning of the same month.

Socotra has witnessed from time to time attempts to control vital facilities implemented by militants backed by the Emirates, in addition to rebellions of battalions in government forces and join the Southern Transitional Council, which demands the secession of southern Yemen from the north.