With the spread of Corona19, more and more Latin American countries are crossing the border.

Some countries are preventing foreigners from entering as well as leaving, so Koreans who want to travel or return to Korea are bound to be bound locally.

The South Korean Embassy in Peru announced on the 16th (local time) that after the Peruvian government closed its borders, it was confirmed that there were 150 tourists in the country by the afternoon.

This number may increase.

Of those, 137 were found wanting to return.

On the previous day, the Peruvian government said it would close all borders by land, sea and sea at midnight.

It is forbidden to leave as well as enter through the border.

The Peruvian government has also made everyone in Peru self-contained for 15 days.

Regardless of the presence or absence of symptoms and the ability to travel, all citizens cannot go outside except to buy daily necessities and medicines or go to the hospital.

However, we will continue to provide essential human resources, and continue to provide public services such as electricity, water, and communications.

Due to the sudden blockade, Korean tourists were unable to come or go and had to stay in the hotel for 15 days without fail.

Due to the nature of travel in Latin America, where there are many long-term trips, Corona 19 often traveled before spreading around the world.

"I am going to meet with foreign officials from Peru and the United States today and ask for permission to leave," said Ambassador Park Seon-tae of the Peruvian Ambassador to the United States.

In addition to Peru, other Latin American countries have also announced measures to close the border.

On that day, Chilean President Sebastian Piñola says it will close all borders from the 18th to the 15th.

During this period, all foreigners are not allowed to enter the country.

It is possible for foreigners who have already entered the country to leave and transfer, but if the international flight to Chile is closed or reduced, the outgoing flight will be affected as well.

The Korean Embassy in Chile said on the website, "Those who are currently staying may be canceled due to the closure of the border, so please return soon."

In Chile, there have been 156 corona19 confirmed patients so far.

On the day before, only 80 people increased.

Guatemala's President Alejandro Zammatay also announced a two-week border closure.

All flights are suspended at midnight on the 17th.

In the case of Guatemala, where seven confirmed persons, including one dead, have already blocked entry of Korean nationals, etc., since the last 12 days, if the flight is suspended, the departure will actually be blocked.

In the case of land, only Guatemala nationals and residents are allowed to enter the country.

In addition, Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, Panama, Honduras and El Salvador have also decided to prevent foreigners from entering the country.

Mexico did not restrict entry, but reservations are embarrassed by Mexican airline Aeromexico's decision to abruptly stop the Incheon-Mexico City route, the only direct route between South and Central America.

"I knew after reading the article that the flight was canceled when I booked and paid for the return flight in April," said Kim Mo, a large corporate employee who was on a long-term business trip to Mexico for 5 months.

Kim said, "There was no prior notice, and even afterwards, no guidance on refunds or changes was received."

The South Korean embassy in Mexico says it is discussing with the airlines in a multifaceted way to come up with measures.

(Photo = Yonhap News / EPA)