Everything nice disappeared in a week. Only the longing for small joys.

The European and US major sports series will close or be left on indefinite breaks. On Tuesday, official decisions will be made on the fate of the Ice Hockey World Cup and the European Football Championship. The latter is at least such a big event that they are unlikely to be canceled, but postponed for up to a year. A few weeks ago, no one could have imagined. Finland did not play in the hockey league playoffs and the football Veikkausliiga starts in June at the earliest.

Recently, something similar has been seen during World War II. Then they fought on the fronts and not in the stadiums. Or not. In Finland, they tried to keep the sport alive. It wasn't until 1943 that the men's soccer championship was played at all. In baseball, the series was interrupted in 1941 due to the start of the Continuation War and in 1944 due to a major offensive by the Soviet Union. Military competitions were held to maintain the mood.

About the wars it was known what had happened. Now the situation is more unpredictable, but less dangerous.

The illusion shakes. For example, the interruption of the English Premier League is a bad place for many. They have been a necessary escape from their everyday sorrows. It disappeared at the same time as the ghosts of the disease and the economy were overwhelming. And the annual ice hockey World Cup ritual is not coming. This really increases the depression, especially for men. Certainly many women, too, but they have more content in their lives.

Culture closed

Major audience events will be blocked until the end of May. The recommendation of the government concerned events of more than 500 people, but in practice smaller ones were withdrawn. And if someone performs in the corner of a pub, the audience may be scarce. Not bad at all, but finding a place worse than a small cup is hard to come by.

On the higher culture side, the National Opera has closed its doors.

Again, you have to search for benchmarks in the war years. It was then that the culture sustained the spirit. Hundreds of popular military evenings were broadcast from the old Helsinki Fairgrounds. The morale of the frontmen was also maintained on entertaining tours.

The phenomenon was international. The United States Army had hundreds of musicians performing music from jazz to country. The concerts of the Vienna Philharmonic are also televised in Finland. They date back to 1941 when Nazi Germany wanted to raise moods. The Nazis fell, the tradition survived.

During the corona, people's enthusiasm cannot be rightly raised by such mass events. Orchestras, bands, and artists try to respond to the situation with online performances, but they can be lean consolation. The rituals of cultural enjoyment go unfulfilled.

It will take some time, but the nations' psyche now lacks a couple of important pillars that are generally in favor of it.