The April general election is now just a month away. Each party in Iya is finishing the nomination work one after another.

Reporter Bae Woon introduces the regions of interest seen by keywords.


Democratic Party candidate Jeong-Jung Jung, a former government spokesman for the Blue House.

[Go Min-jung / Former spokesman of the Blue House (more Democratic Party): (Kwang Jin-eun) I think it should be a new transformation of the residents-centered city regeneration.]

Candidate Oh Se-hoon of the United Nations was elected twice in the mayor of Seoul.

[Oh Se-hoon / Former Mayor of Seoul (Future Integration Party): (Politician in Gwangjin) has been receiving such relative disadvantages because it worked incorrectly.]

Seoul's Gwangjin-eul is called 'The President's Mouth and Conservative Jam-ryong's Confrontation'.

Seoul Jongno is 'Preliminary election?'

Lee Nak-yeon vs. Hwang Kyo-an, the former prime ministers met at the one-eyed bridge.

This is a match between candidate Kang Ji-seo of Seoul, a security guard vs. sniper, Seong-jun Jin, a former secretary-general secretary of Cheong Wa Dae, and Kim Tae-woo, a former special member of the Cheong Wa Dae who exposed suspicions about the Blue House.

Who will return to Yeouido among active lawmakers who went to Anyang-dong during Gyeonggi?

With this composition, two of Lee Jae-jeong, Shim Jae-cheol, Hye-seon Chu, and three of them lose the member's badge.

'Roh Moo-hyun's right arm vs. MB's mouth' Won-Gap Kang is a former spokesman for the Blue House, Gwang-Jae Lee, former Governor of Gangwon-do, and Park Chung-Ha.

In Daegu Suseonggap, the keyword is 'Suseong or recapture'.

If the 4th legislator Kim Bu-gyeom, who first put the flag of the Democratic Party in Daegu, is Suseong, he will be recaptured by the 4th legislator Joo Ho-young, who moved from the neighboring district.

Who wipes the tears of Mokpo?

In Mokpo, Jeollanam-do, candidates Kim Won-i, Hwang Kyu-won, Park Ji-won and Yoon So-ha are expected to face each other.

What about the replacement of active lawmakers, that is, 'water change' grades?

In the Democratic Party, a total of 36 active lawmakers have been replaced with a 27.7% replacement rate by combining the declaration of no-run, exclusion of nominations, and elimination of the primary.

The United Party has 49 active lawmakers, and the replacement rate is 41.2%, higher than the Democratic Party.

(Video coverage: Kang Dong-cheol, Video editing: Park Jeong-sam, CG: Seo Seung-hyun)