(Fighting new crown pneumonia) Philippine President Duterte's new crown virus test negative, multiple cabinet members self-isolated

China News Agency Manila, March 14th (Reporter Guan Xiangdong) On the evening of the 13th, the former assistant to the Philippines President Duterte and Philippine Senator Christopher Wu sent a letter to the media saying that President Duterte and himself had the new crown virus test results. Negative. They are in good health and will continue to perform their duties.

On March 5, Duterte and several cabinet ministers attended an inspection of highway construction. One of the cabinet members was subsequently diagnosed with new crown pneumonia. At present, several members of the Filipino Cabinet including Civil Medieti, Minister of Transport Arthur Dugard, Minister of Finance Dominguez, Minister of Public Welfare, and Director of the Agency for Development and Transformation of the Base, Di Song, announced Self-isolation.

In view of this, Duterte received a virus test from the Philippine Institute of Tropical Medicine at the Presidential Palace on March 12. The test results came out 13 days earlier than expected.

On the evening of the 12th local time, President Duterte announced that the Philippine public health alert level had risen to the highest level of Red 2. From March 15 to April 14, the domestic, air, and air transportation of the Philippines to and from the Capital Region was temporarily closed. Manila has a “community-restricted segregation” policy.

On the 13th, the Philippine Ministry of Health announced that the country had added 12 new patients with positive positive coronavirus testing. The total number of confirmed cases in the Philippines reached 64, and 5 have died.

On the same day, the Speaker of the Philippine House of Representatives, Cayetano, announced that the Philippine House of Representatives will suspend work from March 16 to April 12. (Finish)