[Explanation] As the cumulative number of newly diagnosed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Italy continues to increase, Italian Prime Minister Conte announced on the evening of March 9th local time that from March 10th, "cities will be closed" nationwide, except under special circumstances , The public shall not leave the place without authorization. On March 13, Lin Maofeng, an overseas Chinese who has lived in Italy for more than 20 years, said in an interview with a reporter from China News Agency that the "capped city" in Italy is very different from China. Under the severe epidemic situation, the local Chinese overseas help each other Overcoming difficulties.

[Same Period] Overseas Chinese Lin Maofeng

Compared with China, this "closed city" in Italy is actually very different. It also has no strict restrictions on traffic, and the airport has not been completely closed. Some flights can still take off or land. The subways, buses and trams in Milan are still running as usual. We are all actively doing self-promotion, especially in some WeChat groups, overseas Chinese also share information about this epidemic. For example, if there is no mask for the overseas Chinese, we will send it to those overseas Chinese free of charge. Everyone will be united and help each other.

[Explanation] The day after the emergency city closure order was issued, except for a few food supermarkets that were still open, more than 90% of the shops on Chinatown in Milan, Italy, were closed. Chinese businessman Zhao Huanqing runs a luxury goods processing factory in Milan. After the outbreak, his factory no longer took orders, but in order to deliver the received orders, he left only a few employees to take turns to work in the factory, leaving most employees home for isolation.

[Same Period] Chinese Entrepreneur Zhao Huanqing in Milan

Because in Italy, our employees still pay at rest at home, so there is no real policy in Italy. There must be a financial loss. This is not what we want to think about now. How to take preventive measures and do these tasks well. Because China already has a good precautionary measure, and there is a good example, we must learn about this precautionary measure.

[Explanation] Wen Yangdong, President of the Overseas Chinese Friendship Association in Milan, Zhejiang, Italy, said that many Chinese companies in Milan are currently losing money and are facing great economic pressure. However, in the current epidemic, the safety of employees is the first priority, and management is the first. Second, this should be the consensus of all Chinese businessmen.

[Contemporary] Wen Yangdong, President of the Overseas Chinese Association of Milan, Zhejiang, and Italy

(Milan) There are more than 590 Chinese businessmen in the Chinese area. Everyone closed and closed business the next day. We Chinese in Milan donated money and supplies to buy medical supplies and donate to local infectious disease hospitals.

[Explanation] Jiang Chengxi is a sophomore at the Maranoni Fashion Design Institute in Italy. She told reporters that after the outbreak, almost all schools in Italy chose to suspend classes. Today, home-based online classes have become her daily routine, although there are many concerns. But she believes that as long as optimism is maintained and protective measures are taken, the epidemic will definitely pass.

[Contemporary] Jiang Chengxi, an Italian Chinese student

The school notified us of the suspension of classes in the early days of the outbreak, and now I have started studying online courses. All our tests have been postponed indefinitely. Most international students still worry about whether the epidemic situation can be quickly controlled, including their academic studies, whether they can graduate successfully. But we all believe that the epidemic symptoms (prevention and control) in Italy will definitely get better and better, and we also believe that the epidemic situation in China will disappear very quickly.

The material is provided by reporter Fan Siyi from Milan, Zhejiang, Overseas Chinese Association

Editor-in-chief: [Li Ji]