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13 March 2020 124 people were reported in Milan out of 6,934 subsidiaries. These are the data of a first budget of the prefecture. The main violations are false self-certifications. There were 781 controlled businesses, three of whom were reported.

In Salerno 4 boys were surprised during an organized alcohol and drug party. All were also reported for personal drug use.

In Rimini two people were reported who were driving undisturbed by car and without self-certification. An entrepreneur, however, has been reported because he regularly kept his offices open to the public.

From Rimini to Naples. In 10 they were surprised while they were in the Neapolitan district of Posillipo, inside a gym. Among these there is also a prominent name of the '' Calone '' clan operating in the same hilly neighborhood.

Crackdown also in Crotone the police have stopped 52 people between the municipalities of Crotone, Isola di Capo Rizzuto, Cirò Marina, Petilia Policastro. Everyone had false claims

In Cosenza, the Carabinieri checked 374 shops. Also in this case the closure obligation had not been respected. The military found some customers who were quietly consuming drinks in a club.