On February 24, someone started a fire on the facade of the Gottsunda Church. A police patrol discovered the fire by chance. The fire went out before it spread. So far, there is no suspect in the case, but now the police go out with a picture of a car.

- Investigators believe the car has to do with the matter. It is a Volvo C30 and it appears to be dark blue - the car model is not very common, says Jonas Eronen.

The police would like to hear the person (s) who may have seen the car in the area between 22.45 and 23.45.

- We have not been able to obtain a registration number and we need to know who owns and / or uses the car, says Jonas Eronen.

A lonely person

In the pictures, which comes from one of the police surveillance cameras in the parking lot at Gottsunda center, it looks like a lone person is sitting in the car. But it is unclear if one or more perpetrators lit up.

The car comes in from Hugo Aflvéns road and the escape route then goes via Gottsunda Allé east.