(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Watching and Helping Overseas Chinese Missions Do a Good Job in Preventing Overseas Chinese

China News Service, Beijing, March 11th (Ma Xiuxiu) Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, members of the China-French Family Federation's WeChat group have had almost no interruption of relevant information. From the popular science post that recognized the new crown virus in the beginning to the practical post that reminds everyone to take good protection now, it can always attract members' discussion and reposting.

"For a long time, we have never let go of our hearts." Luo Jian, chairman of the China-French Family Federation, told reporters that everyone was initially worried about their relatives and friends in China, and now they are worried about their own safety and the safety of their loved ones in France.

Luo Jian introduced that during the epidemic, the China-French Family Federation paid attention to the physical and mental health of members from various aspects: detailed statistics were made on returning members and told everyone to consciously isolate them; reminding everyone to do the usual work on the basis of personal protection and reducing outings Look at the epidemic mentality and abide by local regulations. At the level of the federation, everyone's worries and anxieties are resolved in time.

On the International Women's Day a few days ago, female members of the Chinese-French Family Federation received masks as a special holiday gift. "Everyone feels very intimate and warm."

A similar situation is not just happening in France. With the development of overseas epidemics becoming severe, overseas Chinese communities around the world have played a role in consolidating overseas Chinese, and have taken active actions to ensure that overseas Chinese are well prepared for epidemic prevention.

Recently, the All-China Overseas Chinese Association in Japan issued a proposal through Chinese media, calling on all overseas Chinese in Japan, as members of Japanese society, to start with themselves and work together with the Japanese people to prevent and control the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

The initiative contains many instructions to overseas Chinese: I hope that the majority of overseas Chinese will consciously abide by local epidemic prevention laws and regulations, and actively cooperate with various local epidemic prevention and control measures; take necessary precautions, strengthen self-protection, and minimize unnecessary travel; Avoid gathering, pay attention to health and safety, and consciously abide by isolation requirements; be sure to consider travel risks and minimize unnecessary movement.

In Italy, the Chinese Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Milan, the director of the Chinese Help Center, Zhou Lixin, Zhou Jianhuang, and others have recently joined the Milanese overseas Chinese community to distribute the Chinese patent medicines transported from Hungary by the Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Federation to the members of the association. To boost everyone's confidence in fighting the "epidemic".

In addition to advising everyone to strengthen personal protection, the Belgian Chinese Chamber of Commerce and the Belgian Women's Federation have also taken active actions to jointly purchase home protection products including masks, disposable hand sanitizers and medical disinfection sprays, and distribute them to members of the overseas Chinese who need them free of charge.

After the local confirmed case of new crown pneumonia, the Greek Qingtian Fellow Association urgently contacted the Greek medical supplier and purchased 10,000 masks, which were distributed to the locals by the president Wang Defeng and others. He said that overseas Chinese are "overlooking and helping the times to overcome the difficulties in the face of difficulties."

Yin Chuping, the permanent honorary chairman of the Brazil-China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification, introduced that although the locals do not have the habit of wearing masks, within the Peace Council, everyone is prepared accordingly, and at the same time, they call on each other to strengthen protection through telephones and the Internet. On the other hand, they are also actively publicizing the effective ways of the Chinese government to prevent and control the epidemic, calling on the overseas Chinese to consciously cooperate with the Brazilian health department to combat the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

"Local Chinese are more conscious." Yin Chuping said that many people voluntarily isolated for 14 days when they returned to Brazil after the Spring Festival. "This is praised by the locals."

"The Overseas Chinese Mission is a homeland trusted by overseas Chinese, and in special times it is necessary to do a good job in preventing epidemics of overseas Chinese." Luo Jian said that he believes that overseas Chinese will be able to weather the crisis safely. (Finish)