Second debate between the seven candidates for mayor of Paris, March 10, 2020. - Jacques Witt / SIPA

A right against left match: the second debate between the seven candidates for the Paris City Hall on Tuesday evening was an opportunity for Rachida Dati (LR) and Anne Hidalgo (PS) to polarize the debate, trying to dismiss Agnès Buzyn (LREM ).

Anne Hidalgo's campaign director, Emmanuel Grégoire, assured him to AFP: "Our subject is Rachida Dati, Buzyn is no longer one". The proof Tuesday evening: a few minutes after the start of the debate organized by France Televisions, the candidates are questioned in turn on housing, when Anne Hidalgo attacks Rachida Dati, her main rival in the polls, with whom she maintains good relationships in private.

"I would like to ask Ms. Dati what is the average income of a household with two children? ", Questions the socialist, candidate supported by a platform" Paris in common "(which brings together PS, PCF, elected Generations and personalities from civil society). "The average income is above the national average income", answers the candidate of the right, before the socialist cuts sharply: "You do not know him". "I am not your pupil Mrs. Hidalgo", replies Rachida Dati, who shifts to the balance sheet of the outgoing mayor before denouncing her future alliances.

Cleanliness and safety

To the ecologist David Belliard, she asserts him "You will find yourself" with Anne Hidalgo. Asked about school rates, and the four-day week that some candidates now want to abolish, Rachida Dati denounces "the radical methods (which) are the worst" and decisions imposed on families.

On cleanliness, same fight. The candidate on the right sends the mayor of Paris to his balance sheet after six years in office and "20 years" spent at the Hôtel de Ville, as assistant to Bertrand Delanoë. "70% of Parisians can no longer bear the current mandate," insists Rachida Dati.

Security ? Ms. Hidalgo, "you have to walk around Paris you have to go to the neighborhoods," insists Rachida Dati, who wants an armed municipal police force and is waging a drum-beating campaign, increasing his trips to the popular northeast of capital city.

Tackled Buzyn

According to a new Ipsos-Sopra Steria survey released on Tuesday, Anne Hidalgo (26%, +1) widens the gap on Rachida Dati (23%, -1), while Agnes Buzyn is stable at 19%. The other participants in the debate, David Belliard (EELV, 11%), Cédric Villani (ex-LREM, 7%), Danielle Simonnet (LFI, 4.5%) and Serge Federbusch (supported by the RN, 4%), follow far behind.

Entering the campaign to quickly replace Benjamin Griveaux, who has resigned, the candidate Agnès Buzyn is trying to decline her program, without escaping the attacks, described by her entourage as "significant meanness". "Maybe you are used to appointments and co-optations," Rachida Dati tells him. “I took risks. I left a post of appointed minister to work for the Parisians, ”replies Agnès Buzyn. "You have an aid station just in case," retorts Rachida Dati. " How dare you ? “Agnès Buzyn is indignant.

"I remind you that the mayor of Paris is there, why are you attacking me?" Asked Agnès Buzyn, who later also tackled the outgoing mayor's record. “Mrs. Hidalgo, why wait for a municipal campaign to suddenly increase the cleaning budget? "

"We are not in Koh-Lanta"

As in the first debate organized last week, candidates tried to sketch second-round alliances like Anne Hidalgo sending "my Cédric" to the candidate ex-LREM, mathematician medalist Fields, and to the candidate of EELV, traditional ally of the Socialist Party in Paris. Agnès Buzyn said she was "in tune" with Cédric Villani.

"We are not in Koh-Lanta, there it is not alliances to which you give the collar of immunity", attacked Rachida Dati, accusing Agnès Buzyn of "contempt" and "playing the election in the dos ”of the Parisians, without clearly showing what their second-round alliances will be.

Mistakenly suspected, according to her, of wanting to ally with Rachida Dati, Agnès Buzyn tirelessly repeats that "there will be no alliance with Rachida Dati", but discussions "district by district" around "a programmatic project ”.

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