Original Title: (Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Visiting the Decisive Battlefield, Xi Jinping's Key Words in Wuhan Investigation

China News Agency, Beijing, March 10th: Head to the battlefield, Xi Jinping's key words during his inspection in Wuhan

China News Agency reporter Zhang Ziyang

"Wuhan wins in Hubei and Hubei wins in the country." On the 10th, China's top leader Xi Jinping went to Wuhan, Hubei Province to inspect the epidemic prevention and control work. In the place where the epidemic was determined, he entered the hospital, penetrated into the community, and commanded and deployed in the most serious and complex "frontline" situation of prevention and control. At a critical moment in the fight against the epidemic, several key words in his trip conveyed to the outside world the key messages for China to win the Hubei Defence War and Wuhan Defence War and finally win the epidemic prevention and control blocking war.


"In this severe struggle, the people of Wuhan know the big picture and take the overall situation into consideration. They are not afraid of danger and perseverance, they consciously obey the needs of the epidemic prevention and control, actively participate in the epidemic prevention and control struggle, and have made significant contributions. The people's perseverance and high spirits. It is precisely because of the sacrifices and dedication of the people of Wuhan, and the persistence and efforts of the people of Wuhan, that they have the positive situation of today's epidemic prevention and control. "Xi Jinping emphasized that Wuhan is indeed a hero This city, the people of Wuhan who deserve to be heroes, will surely be entered into the annals of history again by winning the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic! The people of all ethnic groups and nations are moved and amazed for you! The party and the people thank the people of Wuhan!

At the command center of the Vulcan Mountain Hospital, Xi Jinping pointed out that since the outbreak, the majority of medical workers, including the army, have carried forward the spirit of being able to endure hardships and fight especially, and went to Hubei and Wuhan without fear, and invested in prevention and control work day and night. Fighting hard, forgetting to die, not burdening the mission, not humiliating the mission, running at the same time, and fighting against the disease, made an important contribution to the prevention and control of the epidemic in Wuhan. You have truly rescued the wounded and loved no bounds. You are messengers of light, messengers of hope, the most beautiful angels, and true heroes! The party and the people thank you!

—— "Respect"

On behalf of the Party Central Committee, Xi Jinping extended his sincere greetings to the majority of party members, cadres, and people in Hubei and Wuhan, and to the vast number of medical workers, people ’s Liberation Army commanders, community workers, police officers, grassroots cadres, Sunken cadres, volunteers, and comrades from all walks of life pay high respects to the patients and their families who are struggling with the disease, the families of those who died due to official duties, and the families of the patients who died. The dead compatriots and the sacrifice of frontline staff expressed deep condolences.

"Front-line medical workers are the hardest, bearing unimaginable physical and psychological pressure, and many comrades have been smashed with blood on their faces and hands. They are moving and are the loveliest people in the new era. I would like to express my lofty Regards! "Xi Jinping emphasized this through a teleconsultation platform when he connected to a video of a medical staff member working in the ward.

—— "Grit your teeth"

When Xi Jinping met with representatives of local and military personnel in Hubei Province to support Hubei medical staff, he pointed out that when the struggle for prevention and control of the epidemic entered a critical stage, he could not be discouraged. You need to be aggressive, grit your teeth, stick to the end, hold on, hold on, and never give up. The health of medical personnel is an important guarantee for defeating the epidemic.

When chairing the meeting, Xi Jinping again emphasized "gritting his teeth." He said that to win the fight against epidemic prevention and control, the focus is on "prevention." Now is the time to be critical, you must clench your teeth and stick to it. It is necessary to strengthen the management of incoming and outgoing personnel and carry out in-depth epidemiological investigations. To maintain the prevention and control strategy of internal non-proliferation and external prevention output, at the same time, under the premise of good health management and implementation of prevention and control measures, a “point-to-point, one-stop” approach is adopted to concentrate and accurately transport migrant workers to return to work safely Help people stranded in Hubei to return home safely and orderly.

—— "Treatment"

"We must put medical treatment work first, work hard on scientific and accurate treatment, maximize the cure rate and reduce the mortality rate." Xi Jinping emphasized that we must further implement the "Four Concentration" measures and focus on advantageous medical resources and technical forces. To treat patients, accelerate the promotion and application of effective drugs that have been developed and screened, and improve the level of treatment. It is necessary to strengthen the production, supply and deployment of medical prevention and control materials, and to do a good job in rehabilitation of discharged patients. It is necessary to strengthen the coordination of medical care and medical resources, take into account the daily medical needs of other patients, and gradually restore normal medical order.

—— "People's Livelihood"

"The people's livelihood is stable, the people's hearts are stable, and the society is stable. The people in Hubei and Wuhan and other places with severe epidemics have isolated themselves for such a long time. We must fully consider the basic needs of the people, closely monitor market supply and demand and price dynamics, and ensure the supply of necessities such as rice noodles, oil, meat, poultry, eggs, and milk.

He emphasized that for the special groups such as orphans, needy children, extremely poor people, and the disabled who were isolated at home due to the prevention and control of the epidemic, it is necessary to implement contact guarantees, strengthen visits and provide necessary assistance in a timely manner. It is necessary to strengthen psychological counseling and psychological intervention, especially to strengthen psychological counseling for patients, their families, and the families of patients who have died.

—— "Responsibility"

The prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic is a major examination of the governance system and capacity. Xi Jinping emphasized, "Our party was born out of internal and external troubles, grew up in tribulations and setbacks, and grew stronger in overcoming difficulties. Dare to fight and victorious is the distinct political character of the Chinese Communists and our political advantage."

In the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, Xi Jinping once again demanded that party organizations at all levels and the majority of party members and cadres should not forget their original intentions, keep their mission in mind, shoulder their responsibilities and stand the test, and sharpen the courage of responsibility and scientific prevention and control in this big examination. The ability to make good use of intelligence, overall planning, and organization and implementation can achieve the responsibility of keeping the soil and the way of keeping the soil. We must resolutely oppose formalism and bureaucracy, and let grassroots cadres devote more energy to the front line of epidemic prevention and control. Party members and cadres should be motivated to stand up and fight bravely in times of crisis, to fulfill their original mission in the war, and to submit qualified answers in the big test. (Finish)