(Fighting new crown pneumonia) Japan launches second round of emergency response to epidemic

China News Agency, Tokyo, March 10 (Reporter Lu Shaowei) The Japanese government announced on the 10th the second round of emergency countermeasures against the new crown virus epidemic.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that Japan is still in an important period to prevent the rapid spread of the epidemic. Previously, the government had requested that large-scale events across the country be stopped, and this requirement would continue for the next 10 days or so before relevant expert opinions came out.

The second round of emergency response involves multiple aspects. First of all, in terms of medical and epidemic prevention, in addition to continuing to suspend activities and classes, subsidies will be provided for disinfection operations in nurseries and elderly care facilities. The public transport system is required to take thorough anti-infection countermeasures against staff. Set disinfectant, etc. It is forbidden to resell masks, etc. at high prices, and violations will result in fines and imprisonment. Strengthen virus detection capabilities, increase the number of beds, and develop therapeutic drugs and vaccines as soon as possible.

In terms of corporate support, the fund pool for corporate support was expanded to 1.6 trillion yen (approximately $ 15.2 billion). Under the new system, affected by the spread of the epidemic, small and medium-sized enterprises with reduced sales can obtain low-interest loans, while self-employed individuals, including freelancers, and small and medium-sized enterprises with significantly reduced sales can enjoy loans that are virtually interest-free and without guarantee . For the tourism industry, the government will provide support for strengthening the tourism environment, including developing tourism resources and expanding foreign language instruction.

With the temporary suspension of classes, some parents have to leave work and take care of their children at home. The government subsidizes companies that handle this situation with paid vacation. The maximum daily limit is 8330 yen (about US $ 80) per person. For business life Of freelancers give a subsidy of 4,100 yen (about $ 40) per person per day.

Affected by the epidemic, companies that have to reduce their size will not be required to lay off staff, and will appropriately reduce the requirements for granting "employment adjustment subsidies" to them, and increase the funding ratio for enterprises that are seriously affected.

In addition, this round of emergency countermeasures also includes measures to amend relevant laws, strengthen port epidemic prevention, handle administrative procedures flexibly, and strengthen international cooperation. (Finish)