Chinese President Xi Jinping declared "practical control" over the new outbreak of Corona in Hubei, its outpost and its capital, Wuhan, while Italian authorities asked citizens to make their homes unnecessary and avoid unnecessary travel, after extending quarantine measures to cover all parts of the country.

"An initial success has been achieved toward stabilizing and improving the situation in Hubei and Wuhan," Xi said, according to the official Xinhua news agency after the Chinese president made his first visit to the city since the crisis began in January.

The Chinese authorities have dismantled a number of field hospitals designated to treat corona patients in Wuhan, while the Al-Jazeera correspondent reported that the authorities decided to partially lift travel restrictions in Hubei province.

Meanwhile, 17 people have died in the past 24 hours, the lowest daily toll for China in weeks.

Corona virus infection rate increasing (German)

Strict measures
At a time when things started to separate in China, Italy is witnessing the height of the crisis, as the authorities asked about 60 million Italians to stay in their homes as Rome started implementing unprecedented measures in the world to stop the spread of the new Corona virus.

The World Health Organization acknowledged that the disease that has killed more than four thousand people is close to becoming a global epidemic, after causing major losses in financial markets that began to improve in Asia on Tuesday.

The Italian press today titled "Everyone at Home" and "Everything Is Closed", after a decree signed by Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte extends to all parts of the country the major closures that affected the first Sunday of a quarter of the population of northern Italy.

Conte also announced that the whole of Italy had become a protected area, and it had also decided to prevent all gatherings - including sports activities - after the number of people infected with the virus rose to more than nine thousand people, and deaths to 436.

For its part, Austria announced the ban on entry to Italy.

Conte paved the way for the decree with a press conference held at the Government House on Monday evening, during which he called on his citizens to "stay with their homes."

He added, "There is no time to waste, the numbers tell us that there is a huge increase in the number of injured people and in the number of hospitalizations in intensive care departments, and unfortunately in the numbers of the dead also, we have to change our habits, it must change now."

In France, the French health authorities announced that the official death toll from the Coruna virus had risen to thirty.

The authorities put Patrick Szertoda, director of the French president's office, in quarantine for two weeks after dealing with a person with HIV.

For his part, President Emmanuel Macron confirmed that his country is fully prepared to deal with the development of the virus, which is still in its infancy, as he put it.

He also reassured the French that 85% of those infected with the virus were recovering, this came while Britain recorded the sixth death from the virus.

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Injuries and deaths
Regarding the developments related to the spread of the Corona virus in the Middle East, the Lebanese Ministry of Health announced the first death of the virus in the country.

The ministry stated that the deceased was a 56-year-old Lebanese, and that he had recently arrived from Egypt and his health condition was critical since his arrival.

In the UAE, the Ministry of Health announced the registration of 15 new cases of the virus, which brings the country's total infections to 74.

In Iraq, the Ministry of Health in the Kurdistan Region announced a new infection with the virus, bringing the number of confirmed cases to 73 across the country, including seven deaths and seven cases of recovery.

The Iranian Ministry of Health also announced 54 new deaths from the virus, which raises the number of deaths to 291, while the total number of infections rose to more than eight thousand.

For its part, the Israeli Ministry of Health announced that the number of people infected with the virus had increased to 58, after four new infections were recorded.

This comes after the African Union confirmed today, Tuesday, that 102 cases of the new Corona virus were recorded in ten countries on the African continent, namely Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Togo, Senegal, Nigeria, Algeria, Cameroon, Burkina Faso and South Africa.

This came at a press conference held by John Nkengasson, Director General of the African Union Center for Disease Control and Control.

Morocco also announced the country's first death from the virus.