Italy 7375 cases infected by 8th 366 deaths new virus March 9 16:21

According to a statement by the Italian government, 7375 people have been infected with the new coronavirus by the 8th and 366 people have died.

The first case to be infected was confirmed on January 30, when a Chinese couple visiting Italy from Hubei Province, where infection was serious in China, was found to be infected.

After that, no new infections were detected for a while, but the number of infected people has increased mainly in the northern states since the 38-year-old man was confirmed in the northern province of Lombardy on February 21. I went.

From February 27, the number of new infections confirmed on a single day will be in the range of hundreds to hundreds, and this month alone, the number of new infections will exceed 1,000 on this day alone. Has been newly confirmed.

The number of deaths increased this month, and the number of dead on the 8th increased by more than 1.5 times to 366 on the previous day.

According to the Italian government, the spread is mainly in the north, with 4189 people in Lombardy, 1180 people in Emilia Romagna, 1,180 people in Veneto, and 360 people in Piedmont as of the evening of March 8, local time. People.