Private skaters are leaving HSK at the Helsingfors Skridskoklubb and will move to the new Helsinki Figure Skating Academy starting in May, Helsingin Sanomat reported.

According to the magazine, the new club will include sole skaters leaving Helsingfors Skriddskoklubb and skaters from the Oulunkylä Figure Skating Club. The founding meeting of the club was held today, Monday afternoon.

According to HS, all of HSK's nearly 80 sole skaters will be joining the new club. Formation skaters remain at HSK.

The reason behind the breakup of HSK is that the club's formation skating team, Team Unique, has been in the eye for the last couple of months.

Team coach Miriam Penttinen received a one-year ban from the disciplinary committee of the Finnish Figure Skating Association in January.

The reason for the non-compete was improper behavior. Penttinen has appealed against the decision to the Sports Law Enforcement Board.