Asian stocks drop sharply in various regions Concern over effects of spread of infection

In the Asian stock market on the 9th of the week, concerns over the impact of the spread of the new coronavirus on the global economy have become even more acute, and sell orders have accelerated immediately after the start of trading in various places, and stock prices have fallen sharply across the board .

The stock market in Shanghai, China, was one of the major stock indices at a time around 2.3% lower than last weekend's closing price and was repurchased somewhat later, but it was repurchased somewhat later this morning. At 11:30, it was down about 1.8%.

Selling orders have accelerated in other Asian markets as well, with the leading stock indices in each region dropping about 4.1% in Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore, and about 2.6% in Taiwan compared to last weekend's closing price.

Australia has also plunged by about 6.4%.

Market officials say, "Italy governments have taken extraordinary measures to restrict movement, and the United States has repeatedly declared a state of emergency, which has further heightened concerns that the spread of infections worldwide will have a serious impact on the economy. The sharp fall in futures prices has also chilled investor sentiment and has not stopped the global stock depreciation chain. "