A criminal court in Dubai sentenced a director to a local government department to five years in prison after being convicted of taking hundreds of thousands of bribes in exchange for facilitating procedures and awarding tenders illegally, and a fine of one million and 856 thousand dirhams.

Investigations by the Dubai Public Prosecution revealed that the accused defendant, Khaleeji, is 46 years old, before he paid a million dirhams in bribes from a contracting company in exchange for granting them illegal facilities to pay 50 million refunds due to the authority in which he works, and he also used his office powers to grant facilities to three companies to include To the list of service providers for the department in which he works illegally in exchange for bribes estimated at 856 thousand dirhams, indicating that he committed all these abuses in a period that spanned nearly six months.

The Criminal Court also condemned an Asian mediator between the bribery director and bribery companies, and sentenced him to five years in prison and a fine of 100,000 dirhams in addition to deportation.

It also sentenced three delegates of these companies to three years imprisonment, one of them fined 500,000 dirhams, another 250,000 dirhams, and the third 100,000 dirhams in favor of the victim's government department.

The Public Prosecution investigations stated that the crimes were revealed in February of 2018 when there was information about the accused director taking advantage of his position to accept bribes.

A witness from Dubai Police said that, upon receiving the information, investigations began to verify their authenticity, and then tracked down one of the accused who tried to communicate with the bribery director, and search and investigation efforts resulted in seizing the mediator and confiscating the amount of 300,000 dirhams of a bribe obtained by one of the representatives of the companies involved.

He added that by questioning the accused mediator, he revealed many of the abuses in which the bribery director was involved, and he instructed the rest of the accused to provide bribes to him, pointing to the preparation of an ambush on the same day to the accused manager with the mediator and documenting the process of accepting the amount of the bribe.

The witness indicated that the accused director acknowledged that he had received bribes on more than one occasion and the incident in which he was arrested was not the first, expressing his remorse for his behavior, and based on his testimony the arrest of the rest of the accused who denied in the previous sessions the charges.