The Criminal Court in Dubai sentenced to five years imprisonment, a fine of 700 thousand dirhams against (Gulf), a year and a fine of 700 thousand dirhams against his father, and three months and a fine of one million and 97 thousand dirhams against his wife, after the first resorted to a fraudulent means to evade a loan of 700 thousand A dirham he received from a local bank, as he traveled to a country, and forged a death certificate in his name, and his father (the second suspect) handed it over to the bank to cancel the debt.

According to the case papers, the wife (the third accused) presented the certificate to one of the authorities, in order to disburse financial aid to her children from him as orphans, despite her knowledge of forgery, and the total amount she obtained was one million and 97 thousand dirhams.

The first defendant admitted, in the minutes of inference and the Public Prosecution investigations, his crime, indicating that his services were terminated from the institution in which he works, and he was indebted with a personal loan from a bank worth 700 thousand dirhams, he left the state in 2008, settled in one of the countries, and tried to He invested that money there, but lost it, and used his uncle (a fourth defendant on the runaway) to obtain a false death certificate, and asked his father to come to where he lives to receive it, and his father tried to return it with him but he refused, so the father returned to the Emirates, and presented the certificate to the bank after registering his death in Official records of the country, and accordingly the debt was forgiven by the country K.

The defendant added that he was always in contact with his wife, and told her about the forged certificate, which she gave to one of the authorities to obtain financial aid for her children as orphans, pointing out that he tried to infiltrate the Sultanate of Oman, but was arrested by the border guards there, and he was sentenced to prison, then he was handed over To the Emirates.

A witness officer in the Public Prosecution's investigations said: “The defendant was previously sentenced to one month in prison, on charges of threatening and drinking alcohol, and his services were terminated from the authority where he works, and given the entitlement to a personal loan of 700,000 dirhams, he left the state and then forged the death certificate.” .