Prime Minister Chung Se-kyun said yesterday that the government announced measures to restrict entry into Japan. "It is inevitable that Japan responds to unjust actions."

Mr. Chung said today at the Daegu City Hall that he presided at the Central Disaster Prevention Headquarters meeting. "The Japanese government is neither scientific nor wise."

Japan yesterday announced a 14-day waiting and non-immigration ban on immigrants from South Korea, and the government yesterday announced measures to ban entry of non-violence into Japan and suspension of existing visas.

Mr. Chung said, "International cooperation is as important as internal solidarity, not as a matter of individual nations, but as a matter of internal solidarity." I pointed out.

"Our inspection capacity is the highest in the world, and mortality is the lowest among major countries," Chung said. "The transparent disclosure of large-scale tests and test results of more than 10,000 people a day allows the world to understand the characteristics and correct mortality of corona 19." Are contributing greatly to this. "

He added, "I doubt that Japan is as transparent and active as we are."

Mr. Chung ordered that the ministries should be prepared to ensure that upcoming measures, such as suspension of visa exemptions and special entry procedures, are carried out with minimal confusion in the field.

(Photo = Yonhap News)