Secretary-General At this time, there is no situation to declare `` emergency '' 15:02 on March 6

Regarding a bill that would allow for a “declaration of emergency” in preparation for the further spread of the new coronavirus, Secretary-General Suga noted at the House of Representatives Cabinet Committee that he was not in a state to declare an emergency at this time.

The government will submit a bill to the Diet next week that will allow the Prime Minister to make a `` declaration of emergency '' and request or direct local governments to refrain from going out or close schools in preparation for further spread of the new coronavirus infection. By policy, it is expected to be completed on the 13th of this month.

In connection with this, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan said in a lower house cabinet committee question from an opposition legislator that he was `` currently in a situation to declare an emergency, '' but said `` I recognize that there is no such situation. '' He stated that he was not in a situation to declare an emergency at this time.

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