[Cross-strait Express Review No. 668]

The epidemic of new crown pneumonia spreads everywhere. In addition to causing severe impacts on human health in the world, it also affects economic operations around the world. In view of this, the Cai authorities followed the last "night market coupon" method and will launch a NT $ 2 billion "rejuvenation coupon" to boost the business status of restaurants, business districts, night markets and arts and literature.

Taiwanese senior media person Sima Zhengxiang commented in Taiwan's "Dahua Network News" on the 29th, stating that according to the planning of the Taiwan economic authority, "rejuvenation coupons" were issued in conjunction with local people's tourism, and those who were affected by the epidemic Service-oriented industries mainly include about 140,000 restaurants, about 280,000 business circle operators, about 10,000 night market stalls, and about 1,700 cultural and arts activities and venues. If deducted double-counted operators, there are about 350,000 in Taiwan. Be applicable.

In fact, the impact of the epidemic on Taiwan's economy is not just a service industry with domestic demand. Since mainland China is a key part of the global supply chain and cross-strait economic and trade exchanges are very close, some companies have not yet fully resumed work. Many raw materials, equipment, and parts Etc., are unable to supply as usual, and various industries exported by Taiwan have suffered severely.

According to the assessment of the Taiwan Economic Research Institute, the Taiwanese industries most affected by the epidemic include the petrochemical industry, panel industry, auto parts manufacturing, machinery and equipment manufacturing, convention and exhibition industry, air transportation industry, and shipping industry. The plight of these industries cannot be solved by issuing "rejuvenation coupons", not to mention that they are not covered by the applicable objects.

The comment pointed out that the new Southbound policy pushed by the Tsai authorities has not caused Taiwanese businessmen on the mainland to shift their positions, and Taiwanese companies still rely on the mainland market. At this point, he boasted that Taiwanese businessmen invested hundreds of billions of dollars in returning to Taiwan, and finally admitted that the money was not remitted from the mainland, but the reality of using Taiwanese funds to prove everything.

Comments pointed out that Taiwan's economy is facing many problems. The DPP will become more complicated after taking office again. Some are caused by improper industrial policies, and some are related to the cross-strait relations. The new crown pneumonia epidemic struck. The Tsai authorities missed the opportunity to improve. They also pursued "independence with the epidemic." As a result, the cross-strait relations have continued to decline, and Taiwan's economy has become increasingly weak.

Under such circumstances, the Tsai authorities issued "rejuvenation coupons", which did not help Taiwan's economy much. It was like a drizzle in a drought-stricken area, which could not play a role in rejuvenating. The key point is that the DPP should abandon its "Taiwan independence" position and do a good job of cross-strait relations, so that after the epidemic is over, it can find the vitality of the Taiwan economy. (China Taiwan Net Li Dan)