Berlin (dpa) - President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Schäuble has called for more effort by the state in the fight against right-wing terror in Germany. The Hanau attack with ten fatalities above all requires sincerity, the CDU politician said in the Bundestag today.

"Sincerity from the state - who has to admit that they have underestimated the right-wing extremist danger for too long." The long trail of murderous attacks by individual offenders and groups across Germany shows: "This is terrorism."

"The decisive answer to this must be to uncover radical networks and to destroy right-wing extremist organizations with all the rule of law," said Schäuble. "This will only work if we finally get better, with the consistent enforcement of the law."

During the attack, a 43-year-old German shot nine people with foreign roots on the evening of February 19. More people were injured. The marksman is also said to have killed his mother before taking his own life. According to current knowledge, the alleged perpetrator had a racist outlook and was mentally ill.

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier also came to the plenary hall for the Bundestag debate on the consequences of Hanau.

Schäuble said Hanau called for genuine political self-criticism. "Such insane acts don't happen in a vacuum. They grow in a poisoned social climate." Resentment towards the stranger and the most absurd conspiracy theories would be stoked until minorities were perceived as a threat and chase hunts or even murders accompanied by perverse applause on social media.

"It is therefore necessary to take more effective measures against this intolerable brutalization, not least on the Internet." Schäuble warned: "Elected representatives have a special responsibility not only to verbally distance themselves from extremist and racist failures, but to place their authors consistently where they stand: beyond any decency and outside of our democratic order."