Frankfurt / Main (dpa) - In the headquarters of the German Football League in Frankfurt / Main, a special session of the AG Fan Cultures will discuss the conflict with the fans today.

The German Football Association (DFB) had announced the meeting for this week, however, just as little as the fan organizations had given the location and exact time. According to information from the German Press Agency, the participants include representatives of the two umbrella organizations, fan projects and alliances such as “Our Curve”, “Women in Football” and “Queer Football Fans”. The round table should initially be scheduled for three hours.

Especially in the Bundesliga, there have recently been massive protests against the DFB and collective punishment for fan offenses. As a result, there were various game breaks at the weekend. Again and again, Hoffenheim's patron Dietmar Hopp was the focus of abuse. Because they had shown his likeness in a crosshair poster, supporters of Borussia Dortmund had been excluded from games in Sinsheim by the DFB sports court for the next two years.

The DFB had been heavily criticized by “Our Curve” for publishing the schedule for a crisis meeting. These fans accuse the association of having broken confidentiality agreements and not, as claimed, themselves being the initiator of the meeting.

In 2015, the Fankulturen working group with its 16 members under the management of the DFL set itself the goal of “engaging in a lasting, reliable dialogue with one another” and “in cooperation with the DFB Commission on Prevention & Safety & Football Culture being an important source of inspiration and ideas ».

“ProFans”, the advocacy group for fan and ultra groups, and the Alliance of Active Football Fans (BAFF), who were not invited to Frankfurt according to dpa information, broke off the dialogue.

In the DFB Cup games this week, the protests in the stadiums had mainly focused on the DFB. When Eintracht Frankfurt played against Werder Bremen on Wednesday evening, the banner "Dietmar Hopp, du son of a mother" hung.

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