(Fighting New Crown Pneumonia) Chen Yixin: Wuhan Defence War Enters a New Phase of Decisive Battle

China News Service, Wuhan, March 5th. Chen Yixin, deputy leader of the Central Steering Group and Secretary-General of the Central Political and Legal Committee, pointed out at the Wuhan headquarters on the 4th that the epidemic prevention and control work in Wuhan has shown a continuous positive trend. Wuhan's defense battle has changed from passive to active, from resistance to counterattack, from step-by-step to battalion, to annihilation, entering a new phase of decisive battle.

Chen Yixin pointed out that the situation of the Wuhan epidemic has undergone new changes, and the main contradictions and major aspects of the contradictions faced by the fight against epidemics will also change.

——Strictly guard against death and resumption of production. The Wuhan defense battle has entered a new phase of decisive battle. We must resolutely fight the annihilation battle. At the same time, we must advance research on issues related to resumption of production and production. We must not relax prevention and control, rebound, leading to the abandonment of previous achievements, and we must implement the zoning and differentiated control strategy In the high-risk areas, strict prevention and control will continue, in the middle-risk areas, border control, and orderly resumption of production and production will resume. In low-risk areas, external input will be strictly prevented to restore production and living order.

——Strict control and flexible grasp. Faced with the arduous and heavy task of Wuhan epidemic prevention and control, it is impossible to curb the source of infection and cut off the chain of infection without adopting unified and strict prevention and control measures. With the positive change of the epidemic situation, under the premise of ensuring that the epidemic prevention and control is in place, the public should always be regarded as a "barometer", timely adjust and optimize management and service measures, effectively grasp the scale, focus on accurate measures, and reduce the impact on residents. The impact of normal working life.

Chen Yixin emphasized that according to the new changes in the epidemic situation in Wuhan, timely adjust and improve the strategies for epidemic prevention and control.

——Insist on prevention and control according to law. We must pay close attention to the emergent problems that affect social stability in the prevention and control of epidemics, be good at using the rule of law thinking and rule of law to work, improve the source of contradiction risk prevention, investigation and early warning, and diversify the solution mechanism, improve the ability to prevent and control according to law, and maximize the risk of contradiction. Resolution is at its infancy and resolution at the grassroots level to ensure social stability.

——Insist on precise prevention and control. As of March 3, 90 of the 1406 communities in Wuhan had no epidemic-free communities, accounting for 6.4%; 2303 of the 7102 communities had no epidemic-free communities, accounting for 32.4%; and 1165 of the 1943 villages (brigades) had no epidemic-free villages (brigades). , Accounting for 60%. We must adhere to classified guidance and take the establishment of "outbreak-free communities" and "outbreak-free communities" as the starting point to promote accurate prevention and control.

Chen Yixin pointed out that the epidemic prevention and control has entered a new stage, and the focus of anti-epidemic work must be adjusted to take more targeted measures. It is necessary to study the issue of detained Wuhan personnel in advance. The management and control of the Leaving Channel should be strictly managed to prevent the outbreak of epidemic situation. At present, there are still a lot of personnel stranded in Han, and a comprehensive investigation is needed to find out the situation. It is necessary to adhere to the people-oriented and people-first concept and study the issue of leaving Han people in a timely manner. For example, for those stranded in Han who have not been infected after being isolated and tested, they should study and put forward suggestions and suggestions to solve the problem properly. (Finish)