Turkey and Russia to summit talks Negotiations over Syria over civil war March 5 at 6:15

As the civil war continues in Syria, as the clashes between the Assad administration and Turkey supporting the rebels intensify and the humanitarian crisis deepens, a summit between Russia and Turkey, behind the Assad administration, will take place in Moscow on Tuesday, Japan time. It will be watched if a cease-fire or other breakthrough will be launched.

In the northwestern Idlib province, the last base for the ongoing civil war in Syria, battles between the Assad regime's forces and neighboring Turkish squadrons supporting the rebels have intensified since last week. Over a million people have been displaced from their homes and the humanitarian crisis is deepening.

Under such circumstances, Russia's President Putin and Turkish President Erdogan will hold talks in Moscow on the afternoon of the 5th and the evening of the 5th of Japan time, the backing of the Assad administration.

Turkey has urged Assad's forces to retreat from Idlib Province, while Russia has defended Assad's administration to retake Idlib Province, and the two countries have been negotiating but have come to a standstill There was no.

It is the first time that the leaders of both countries have talks directly over this situation, and it will be interesting to see if negotiations between the tops will lead to a breakthrough such as a ceasefire.