“When people from different countries show solidarity with the historical truth, congratulating our veterans, this is fundamentally important in the context of the fact that the world is not designed as it seems to those who are trying to falsify the truth about the Second World War,” the senator said.

Morozov emphasized the importance of "citizens of various countries paying tribute to the memory of our heroes, veterans and victors who saved the world from fascism."

Earlier, a Chinese citizen living in Russia wrote a letter in the framework of the project #Post-Victory.

She addressed her message to veteran Yekaterina Grigoryevna Demina.

“Hello, dear Ekaterina Grigoryevna! I am a Chinese woman, I live in Russia. I live and work here for many years. Recently, I saw a channel with your interview on my friend’s social networks, ”Hung wrote.

As the girl noted, her friend’s name is Alexey and he is engaged in strengthening Russian-Chinese relations. He is fluent in Chinese and always tells his Chinese friends a lot of interesting news from Russia.

“Every year on May 9, Russia celebrates the Great Victory Day, and this year marks its 75th anniversary. All participants in the Great Patriotic War are national heroes at this ceremony. Every time I see veterans who have all their chests in medals and orders, I feel a sense of respect and reverence. Without your blood shed in battles, without your courageous self-sacrifice, we would not have the world as we know it today, this peaceful life would not exist, ”she pointed out.

In her letter, Hong wrote that she could not even imagine what Demina experienced on the battlefield, falling under enemy bombing.