Concerns and questions about the corona virus have led to an estimated 30 percent increase in calls to Care Guide 11 in Västmanland over the past two weeks.

But many of the calls end up wrong and can be burdensome. The nurses via 1177 by phone concentrate on helping people who are sick, have symptoms and with medical issues.

- Anyone who has been in any of the infected areas, or had any kind of contact with anyone else who has been there and who has symptoms such as respiratory symptoms, cough or fever, should call 1177, says Maria Tiston.

On the other hand, those who have no disease symptoms but still have questions about the corona virus are asked to call the national information number 113 13.

The service is available around the clock throughout the year.

On the website of the Public Health Authority there is also information, location updates on the dissemination and frequently asked questions and answers.