Torrential rains fell on Monday evening in the south-east of the country. - Flavio Tavares / AP / SIPA

Southeast Brazil suffered another tragic night due to torrential rains, with at least ten dead Tuesday in the region of Santos, a coastal area of ​​the state of Sao Paulo, according to local authorities.

Torrential rains fell on Monday evening on the south of the richest and most populated Brazilian state, causing floods and landslides. The port of Santos is the largest in Latin America, of capital economic importance for the region, but its agglomeration has many precarious dwellings, located in areas considered at risk. One of the people who died was a firefighter who was trying to rescue the victims. Another is still missing.

Human and material losses also in Rio de Janeiro

The main roads connecting Santos to Sao Paulo were heavily congested on Tuesday morning and others were completely blocked due to landslides or trees lying on the roadway.

In the north of the state of Sao Paulo, in that of Rio de Janeiro, human and material losses are also heavy following torrential rains which have also caused numerous floods there since Sunday. The latest report from the authorities indicates at least five dead, a new body was found in the night from Monday to Tuesday: these victims were electrocuted, drowned or buried by landslides, said Civil Defense.

In January, another state in southeastern Brazil, Minas Gerais, was devastated by record rainfall that killed more than 50 people and destroyed entire cities.


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