The report compiles, among other things, the number of fires, fires and reported crimes. Rinkeby-Kista is one of the districts where the number of reported crimes has decreased most. Compared to the previous year, registrations have decreased by eight per cent, while the entire city of Stockholm has increased by four per cent.

Prio: Access crime that has been moved

One of the reasons for the decrease is Benjamin Dousa (M), chairman of the Rinkeby-Kista district board, believes that several areas in Järva have received more order guards. But one effect of this is that some of the crime has moved from, for example, squares and metro stations to residential areas.

Now the priority is to access the crime there.

- Legislation prevents us from setting guards where crime may have been moved. If there is any wish I have on the Government then it is to open up the legislation so that we can have resources where we need it, in some residential areas for example.