Visitors to the Italy Pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai will embark on a journey that takes them to the heart of Italy, where they can enjoy the gardens and open spaces inspired by the traditional Italian squares, and learn how to unleash creativity from different places and approaches in life. The pavilion will give its visitors the opportunity to travel on a journey through history from the past to the future and see Italy from the sky, to celebrate beauty, which is the link between creativity and knowledge under the title: "Beauty unites people."


The Italian Pavilion located in the Opportunities Area is designed in the form of three inverted ship structures covering the roof of the building. The building tells an unforgettable story about culture, arts, sustainability, education, science, security and creativity.

The design of the pavilion, inspired by the paths connecting the Mediterranean, reflects the skills of Italian companies and Italian society, their creativity and innovative production, highlighting best practices, such as circular economy and sustainability.

Emirati investments

In addition, data for the Ministry of Economy indicated that the value of Emirati investments in Italy amounts to about 48 billion dirhams distributed over various sectors, the most important of which are the services and tourism sectors, in addition to some small and medium industries, pointing out that the UAE is the largest Arab trading partner for Italy, with what is considered Italy is the fourth largest European partner to the UAE and the second largest exporter to it from Europe.

For its part, data from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry indicated that Italy's exports of pharmaceutical products, machinery, shoes and food products carry great opportunities to enter the UAE market, while the UAE's exports of aluminum, ceramics, glass and pearls enjoy great opportunities to access the Italian markets. According to the Dubai Chamber, there are great opportunities for joint investments in agriculture, the real estate sector, the auto industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and the space and aerospace field.


The Chamber statistics showed that Italy's GDP has witnessed steady growth from 2012 to 2017, but fell by a large percentage during 2018, while the growth rate is expected to stabilize at the level of 2018 until 2024. She added that the industry is still the largest tributary of the Italian economy, and has been achieved Up to 17% of the total economy, followed by the trade sector with 16%, then transportation with 9%, construction and building at 5%, and agriculture at 2%.

Starting a business

The «Dubai Chamber» indicated that Italy is ranked 58 in the World Bank Index to start business, explaining that tourism is a promising sector for the Italian economy, as Italy is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, because of its historical constituents, infrastructure and strategic location on the Mediterranean . The Chamber's data showed a remarkable growth in tourism spending in Italy during the past 20 years, which reached its peak in 2018 with about 211 billion dollars, where entertainment tourism represents the largest proportion of tourism demand in Italy by 79%.

Exports and imports

The value of Italy's non-oil exports to the UAE is about 6.7 billion dollars, while its imports amount to about one billion dollars. Italy is one of the largest exporters in the world, with annually exports over half a trillion dollars of goods and products to various countries, while it imports about 499 billion dollars. Among the most important Italian exports are machinery, transport equipment, industrial products, chemicals, cars, and food products, while the most important imports are metal products and industrial goods.

Strengthening cooperation

Italy's presence in "Expo 2020 Dubai" is an opportunity to enhance cooperation and explore opportunities and identify new areas of partnership with the Emirates, especially in the areas of innovation, technology and advanced industries, as well as setting up joint projects and exchanging experiences in new fields, such as smart cities, technological science, water solutions and renewable energy, And opening the way between the two countries to develop partnership at the private sector level.

The wing design reflects the skills of Italian companies.

UAE exports of aluminum, glass and pearls enjoy great opportunities to reach Italy.