A car fell in Vieux-¨Port while following its GPS - Twitter national police 13

This Monday, Marseille firefighters rescued a motorist who fell in the Old Port while he was following his GPS. "The GPS did not distinguish whether it was in the tunnel or on the surface, and, with the bad weather conditions, the motorist engaged quai Marcel-Pagnol, which is a launch of the harbor master's office in the Old Port ”, indicates a police source to 20 Minutes .

The incident occurred this Monday around 7:50 am. "The motorist was completely under water," said the same source. The launching is done on a gentle slope, followed by an immediate balance. The vehicle ended up three to four meters deep, and the fully submerged motorist got out of the window. He swam and clung to the boats once on the surface. The 56-year-old man, the only passenger on board, was unharmed. This incident is not a first in Marseille: in the same place, also due to GPS and bad weather, a car had dived in the Old Port in November 2019.


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