For several years, Lilla Edet's labor market department has offered all 17-year-olds in the municipality the opportunity to get a foot into working life in the municipal operations as well as with private companies and associations in the municipality.

In recent years, almost 65 young people have been given summer jobs through the municipality for three weeks, an opportunity that in 2020 will no longer remain. The reason for the decision is that the municipality has for a time been hit with financial problems.

- Before 2020, we were facing a tough economic reality and then this was one of the proposals to get the budget together, says Lotte Mossudd, Social Manager Lilla Edet Municipality.

Won't many young people miss the opportunity for a first job?

- That risk exists for those who have not arranged another summer job. Our experience is that the volume of young people who want a holiday job through the municipality decreases the closer to the summer we come and you refer, among other things, to getting another job.

Get other jobs to look for

By removing the summer jobs, the municipality will save about SEK 400,000. According to the municipality, it is difficult to say what this will have for the young people who will be left without a summer job via the municipality. At the same time, there are very few summer jobs for 17-year-olds to apply for employment in Lilla Edet.

- It is difficult to assess what the effect of this particular effort will be for the individual youth or what the effect will be in a larger perspective. For this year's youth this means that they need to be more active themselves in the search for a summer job, says Lotte Mossudd from the municipality.

Few go on to work in Lilla Edet

Earlier, SVT News West reported that few people went on to work or study after taking part in the municipality's labor market efforts.