Guinea-Bissau: Cipriano Cassama, Acting President, resigns from his post

Cipriano Cassama at his home, in Bissau, during a declaration where he resigns from his post of acting president, Sunday March 1, 2020. Charlotte Idrac / RFI

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In Guinea-Bissau, a country in the midst of a post-electoral crisis, the President of the National Assembly, Cipriano Cassama, who took over as interim president on Friday evening, announced mid-day on Sunday March 1 that he would resign from his post .


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During a brief statement from his home in Bissau, watched by soldiers of the ECOMO, the force of the ECOWAS, and soldiers, Cipriano Cassama explains that he is " threatened ". He said that on Friday evening, soldiers came to seek his personal guard. He therefore puts forward safety reasons for him and his family.

He also said he wanted to avoid a " confrontation, in the interest of the nation and the population " and denounced the occupation of the National People's Assembly by the armed forces.

Cipriano Cassama was invested Friday evening in the Assembly by 52 deputies, mainly from the PAIGC. Before his statement, we saw Teodora Gomes, a member of the political bureau of the historic party, asking him not to give up and not to make this announcement, but he therefore gave up.

We are thus in the presence of a new drama in this post-electoral crisis when the dispute is still not settled between the two presidential finalists, Umaro Sissoco Embalo and his rival, Domingos Simões Pereira.

Cipriano Cassama specifies that he remains President of the Parliament.

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