• Zaia: "Zero reservations, Venetian tourism on its knees"


February 29, 2020It is stormy over the words spoken in an interview by the governor of Veneto, Luca Zaia, which have provoked a tough diplomatic protest in China.

Zaia: "We saw the Chinese eat live mice"
"Do you know why we only have 116 positive cases a week, of which 63 have no symptoms and are well and we only have 28 in the hospital?", Said the governor of Veneto during an interview with Antenna 3-North East. "The hygiene that our people, the Venetians and the Italian citizens have, the cultural formation we have, is that of taking a shower, of washing, of washing one's hands often, of a particular personal cleaning regime. , the identical rules, the refrigerator, the expiration dates of the food ... What does it have to do with it because it is a cultural fact China has paid a big bill for this epidemic because we have seen them all eat mice live or that kind of thing. "

The Chinese Embassy: Free Offenses and Slanders
"At a crucial time like this, when China and Italy are facing each other to face the epidemic, an Italian politician has not spared slanders on the Chinese people. These are free offenses that leave us stunned. We are comforted by the fact that many Italian friends do not agree with these statements and, on the contrary, firmly criticize them. We are convinced that those words absolutely do not represent the common feeling of the Italian people ". This was stated by the spokesman of the Chinese embassy commenting, without ever directly mentioning it, Zaia's sentence on mice. "The Italian people are a civilized people and our friend. The new coronavirus - underlines the Chinese embassy in Rome - is a common enemy, which requires a common response. In such a difficult moment, it is necessary to put aside pride and prejudices, and strengthen understanding and cooperation in order to protect the common safety and health of all humanity ".

Zaia to the Chinese: I apologize to those who feel offended
"I apologize if anyone has been offended." So Luca Zaia, after the controversy over his sentence. "They have been seen - Zaia told Antenna3 -, they are customs that I do not discuss. But with this I do not want to question the good relations that I myself have with the Chinese community". Zaia recalled that he himself inaugurated the first Chinese restaurant in the Treviso area, "because he used local products and cooked on sight".

Crimi: damage for billions from Zaia's words
"The bleak words addressed by the governor of Veneto Luca Zaia to the Chinese are imbued with a repugnant racism, which does not belong to us. Today Zaia, yesterday Fontana. How many billions of damages are worth the shameful exit of the Venetian governor and the uncoordinated live show on Facebook with the mask of the governor of Lombardy? And how much damage does the governor of Sicily, Nello Musumeci, cause for which 'it would be good if tourists did not arrive from the North?' ". This was stated by the political leader of the M5S, Vito Crimi.