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The number of confirmed cases in Italy has increased to 889 and 21 deaths will be reviewed in the future

2020-02-29T01:18:08.370Z, February 29th. According to Euronet quoted by Europa News Agency, Italian Minister of Emergency Civil Defense Angelo Borrelli said at a routine epidemic press conference on the evening of the 28th, as of local time 2 At 2400 hours on the 28th, the number of confirmed cases of new type of coronavirus pneumonia in Italy has increased to 889, an increase of 239 confirmed cases compared with the previous day. Among them, 21 died, 64 were critically ill, and 46 were recovered.

According to reports, Borelli said at a press conference on the routine notification of the new crown pneumonia virus epidemic on the evening of the 28th local time. As of now, 13 regions and 1 autonomous province of Italy have had a new crown pneumonia epidemic situation, the most severe areas It is still Lombardy and Veneto.

Borelli said that of all the currently confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia, 412 of them are asymptomatic or less symptomatic, and 64 patients are receiving intensive care. In the four new deaths, all patients were over 75 years old.

On the evening of February 28, a spokesman for the Italian government of the Lombardy Region said that the regional government would require the central government to maintain a blockade and isolation measure for at least another week to curb further spread and spread of the epidemic.

The report pointed out that according to a proposal made by the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization, the Italian government will adjust the statistical method of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the future. All confirmed cases reported by the local government health authority must pass the Italian National Health Research The hospital's final review and confirmation can be considered as a confirmed case of Italian new crown pneumonia.

It is reported that since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia virus in Italy, the statistics of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia reported by the central government have come from the local government medical authorities, and have not passed the final review by the Italian national authoritative medical institution and the Ministry of Health. This move caused the outside world and the public to question the accuracy of the official notification data, and to some extent caused panic in Italy and Europe, which caused an unprecedented impact on the Italian tourism industry.

According to the new statistical rules for confirmed cases of patients with new coronary pneumonia, patients who have not been reviewed by the Italian National Institutes of Health and have finally been confirmed to be infected with the new coronary pneumonia virus will be treated as suspected cases of new coronary pneumonia virus.

At the same time, Italy will also make corresponding adjustments to the virus detection targets, and the future virus detection targets will be high-risk groups with symptoms. Previously, the test targets for the new crown pneumonia virus in Italy were mainly all people from some epidemic areas in northern Italy, or people who had contact with confirmed patients, even if the testees did not show any symptoms.

The Italian Ministry of Health said that the rules for the new national pneumonia virus infection finalized by the country are mainly to complement the recommendations made by the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization, and help improve the accuracy of the diagnosed cases and the authority of the data. Sex. (Boyuan)

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