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More healings than infections for the tenth day in a row


In this live blog we will keep you informed of the latest developments concerning the corona virus. On Thursday, the virus entered Dutch borders.

In this live blog we will keep you informed of the latest developments concerning the corona virus. On Thursday, the virus entered Dutch borders.

In this live blog we will keep you informed of the latest developments concerning the corona virus. Worldwide there were more than 80,000 COVID-19 virus infections in China and 3,700 outside Friday morning. The first Dutch infection was diagnosed in Tilburg on Thursday. On Friday, a woman from Amsterdam also appeared to be infected.

one minute ago

For the tenth day in a row, the number of corona patients declared cured is greater than the number of new infections, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

16 minutes ago

According to a RIVM spokesperson, between 80 and 100 Dutch people have so far been tested for the COVID-19 virus. These tests were, apart from the two known patients, negative. The results of the tests of the family members of the infected woman in Diemen are not yet available.

2 hours ago

For the time being, no cyclist in the discontinued Tour of the United Arab Emirates has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus

3 hours ago

From tomorrow, Australia is going to stop all foreigners trying to enter the country from Iran, reports the Australian Health Minister. Before they can enter the country, they must first stay in another country for two weeks. The minister does not trust Iran. The number of infections in the country is currently 400, but is probably higher.

4 hours ago

On Friday it was announced that two children of the woman in Diemen who are infected with the corona virus have mild health problems. It is expected to be known on Saturday morning whether they are infected with the corona virus.

4 hours ago

The third coronavirus infection has been reported in Denmark, reports the Danish RIVM. The patient is placed in home insulation.

5 hours ago

Some 167 guests staying in two closed hotels in Abu Dhabi have been tested negative for the corona virus, reports the United Arab Emirates Health Ministry on Friday night to Saturday night.

Many of the hotel guests, including several Dutch people, are involved in the Tour of the United Arab Emirates, the last two of which were canceled on Thursday. For example, the Dutch team Jumbo-Visma with Dylan Groenewegen, among others, was not allowed to leave the hotel after the corona virus was found in two Italian staff members of one of the cycling teams.

The latest test results are expected in the coming hours. Anonymous sources cannot yet confirm to whether Dutch test results are already known.

5 hours ago

Chinese industry suffered the biggest blow ever in February due to the corona virus outbreak. Also during the global economic crisis in 2008, industrial activity did not reach such a low point.

6 hours ago

Mexico reported the first infections in the country on Friday night to Saturday. It would be about three people who have recently been to Italy.

9 hours ago

South Korea has just published the latest contamination figures. The Asian country is struggling with one of the larger outbreaks of the corona virus at the moment, and has seen a rapid increase in the number of infections in recent days.

On Friday, 594 new people would have fallen ill, bringing the total to around 2,931. Three people are said to have died within the South Korean borders within the last 24 hours from the effects of COVID-19, bringing the death toll to 16.

10 hours ago

A tenth infection in the US state of California has made local authorities guess. They don't know who the new patient has been in contact with and have no idea how the person got infected, Reuters news agency said.

Earlier, German Health Minister Jens Spahn, among others, already warned that it is becoming increasingly difficult to trace new corona infections worldwide. He suspects that the World Health Organization (WHO) is going to declare a pandemic soon.

10 hours ago

On Friday, 427 new infections were detected in China, of which 380 were reported in the Chinese province of Hubei: the epicenter of the outbreak.

The total number of infections in the Asian country is therefore 79,251. A total of 2,835 people died, the number of healings is unknown.

yesterday at 11:30 pm

In Monaco, the COVID-19 virus has also appeared for the first time, the local government reports via Twitter. The patient's condition is "no cause for concern."

yesterday at 11:06 PM

In the city of Honolulu in the US state of Hawaii, people started hoarding en masse on Friday. The government has advised residents to build up a stock of foodstuffs that will allow them to advance fourteen days should the COVID-19 virus cause risks on the American island.

yesterday at 11:03 PM

The Security Region South Limburg decided on Friday evening after a crisis meeting with the mayors of five large border municipalities not to cancel all major events in the border region, but to leave it to the municipalities themselves which events will or will not take place. There are many carnival parades planned in the area that could not take place earlier due to the strong wind. These are currently at risk due to the increase in COVID-19 infections in neighboring German municipalities.

These are events where many Dutch and Germans from the border region come together and the national border "plays no role in daily life". The Security Region calls on the border municipalities to "avoid" these events. During the crisis meeting on Friday evening, the mayors of the border municipalities of Sittard-Geleen, Beekdaelen, Brunssum, Landgraaf and Kerkrade were seated.

"Events will probably be canceled," says a spokesperson for the Security Region in conversation with, but no concrete statements have yet been made about which events will or will not take place, she adds.

On Friday, the GGD Zuid-Limburg called on the border municipalities to consider canceling major events in the border area, due to the growing number of infections just across the border in Germany.

yesterday at 11:03 PM

The German government decided on Friday night for stricter border controls. Passengers from Italy, Iran, Japan and South Korea must now also provide a statement about their health before they can enter the country. This initially only applied to travelers from China.

Major international events, including a tourism fair, are also canceled.

yesterday at 10 p.m.

The most important updates about today's coronavirus at a glance:

  • Again a person in the Netherlands has been tested positive for the corona virus. The woman, who is a resident of Amsterdam, is in home isolation in Diemen and shows mild symptoms . The mayors of Amsterdam and Diemen, the local GGD and the local security region gave a press conference on Friday evening, which showed that family members, including the three children of the woman, also had mild complaints. It is not yet known whether they are also infected with the corona virus. Possibly this will be announced tonight or tomorrow morning.

  • The Central Government has opened a special crisis number this afternoon: 0800-1351. The telephone number is intended for information provision in times of crisis. Anyone who has questions about the virus can call, but there is also a lot of information on

  • There is also positive news. In China , the amount of new infections per day continues to fall . Yesterday 'only' 327 new cases were announced, the lowest number since January 23. Friday's figures are expected next night (Dutch time).

  • The man from Loon op Zand who was diagnosed with the virus yesterday was not contagious during carnival . All the people he has been in contact with in recent days have now been mapped. They will be monitored and tested in the near future if they show any complaints. For the time being, no measures are being taken in the municipality. The man, who has been admitted to the hospital, is doing well and can go home in the short term, where he remains in isolation.

  • In the German region of Heinsberg , near the Dutch border, at least 15 people have been diagnosed with the corona virus. A total of twenty infections were reported yesterday. Around a thousand people are in quarantine at home as a precaution.

  • The virus is spreading in more and more countries. Lithuania , Belarus , Nigeria, New Zealand , Azerbaijan , Iceland and Mexico today reported their first infections.

  • And it's still a big drama on the global stock markets . The Amsterdam stock market index AEX has plummeted by nearly 13 percent this week.

yesterday at 9:55 PM

Of the dozens of confirmed coronavirus infections in the United States, only one is still in the hospital. That is what US Vice President Mike Pence said during a press conference. The patients are doing well, he added.

yesterday at 9:44 PM

In the German district of Heinsberg, close to the border with Limburg, about a thousand people have been preventively quarantined at home. They will have to stay at least until March 9, reports the German newspaper Die Welt . In North Rhine-Westphalia, of which Heinsberg is a part, a total of 35 people are currently infected.

yesterday at 9:33 PM

As far as we know, the man from Loon op Zand has not infected people yet.

Contact investigation of the GGD has been completed. All people with whom the patient was in contact are in the picture. Their health is monitored for two weeks. In the event of complaints, they are tested by the GGD. #corona # covid19 #tilburg

Avatar Author MWB safety region Moment of places 19: 35 - 28 February 2020

yesterday at 8:15 PM

Earlier this week, the youngest child of the Amsterdam woman with coronavirus infection was picked up from CompaNanny Atlas Arena daycare center with minor complaints, Halsema reported during the press conference. This is a daycare center for (Dutch and foreign) babies and toddlers. The woman has been here for a while, but is not working there. Her child at this day care center has minor complaints and is currently being tested for the virus.

The infected woman had also been at the Laterna Magica primary school this week, a "learning and living community". This community school does not only teach according to the regular schedule. Children can go there 52 weeks a year from 7.30 am to 6.30 pm. It is unclear whether her other child who currently has minor symptoms went to this school or to another school (one where the woman has not been). Both school-age children are currently being tested.

yesterday at 8:09 PM

The large international tourism trade fair ITB in Berlin is canceled for the first year ever due to the outbreak of COVID-19 virus. The organizers canceled the fair because it could not meet the strict conditions imposed by local authorities due to the corona outbreak.

Every year more than 100,000 people from around ten thousand companies come to the fair. The fair was first held in 1966 and this year was planned from 4 to 8 March.

yesterday at 8:01 PM

So far for the press conference. This is what we know so far:

- An Amsterdam woman in a temporary home in Diemen is infected with the corona virus. She has minor complaints and is at home in isolation.

- She lives there with partner and three children. Two children have minor complaints. Whether they have contracted the virus is currently being investigated.

- The infected woman went to a daycare center in the Zuidoost district (CompaNanny Atlas Arena) and to a primary school in IJburg (Laterna Magica). Contact research is used to determine whether employees and children of these places are at any risk, but there is as yet no cause for concern, according to Halsema.

yesterday at 7:57 PM

The school on IJburg where the mother has been and one of her children is attending, is called Laterna Magica.

yesterday at 7:56 PM

In France, the number of corona cases has risen from 41 to 57, French health minister Olivier Veran reports Friday.

The minister advises people not to shake hands. He adds that several schools in the north of Paris will remain closed after the holiday that ends this Sunday, to prevent the virus from spreading.

A number of coronavirus infections have been found at Creil military base, north of Paris, defense minister Florence Parly says on her Twitter account.

yesterday at 7:56 PM

Much remains unclear about the health of the three children currently being tested. One child has complaints and is at the daycare center. A second child also has symptoms, and in addition, the mother went to a primary school in IJburg. It is still unclear whether this is the primary school of the second child with complaints. No statements are made about the third school, because the mother has not been there.

yesterday at 7:53 PM

The woman returned from Italy on February 23, where she had been since the 20th.

yesterday at 7:51 PM

The contact investigation uses diaries of the patients, which show who has been in contact with, for example, the wife or children. At every contact a doctor estimates how risky that was.

yesterday at 7:50 PM

Halsema emphasizes: "The two schools that we mention are the two schools where the woman herself has been present." This concerns the school on IJburg and the daycare center in Southeast. Schools in Diemen are therefore completely excluded.

yesterday at 7:48 PM

"It is not a very contagious virus," the GGD emphasizes. Halsema adds: "Very thorough research is being done, there is no reason for unrest."

yesterday at 7:46 PM

According to Halsema, "one of the children has no complaints at all". We conclude from this that both the child at the crèche age and one of the children at the primary school age have complaints.

yesterday at 7:45 PM

It would appear from a letter from the day care center that the child at the day care center has also developed complaints. The GGD responds to this: "The day it got those complaints, it was picked up at the daycare center. At the moment, the complaints are mild."

yesterday at 7:44 PM

The daycare center will be closed for the next two weeks. Primary school is not yet. Halsema responds: "That is a decision of the day care center itself, that is not on the advice of the Amsterdam GGD. There is currently no reason to do so."

yesterday at 7:44 PM

The infected woman is an employee at the Amsterdam UMC (location AMC). That hospital itself conducts contact investigations in the workplace.

yesterday at 7:43 PM

Family members are currently preventive in isolation: it is therefore still unclear whether they are infected. The standard protocol came into effect, according to the GGD. The RIVM and the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam will give a definitive answer about the possible virus in their body.

yesterday at 7:41 PM

A spokesperson for the GGD Amsterdam will speak about the investigation. "This morning we immediately started mapping the most direct contacts of the woman: the partner and the three children. These three were sampled immediately, this morning and this afternoon." She expects this result later tonight or tomorrow morning.

yesterday at 7:40 PM

The municipality of Amsterdam is involved in the investigation because the women's network is largely in Amsterdam, even now that she is temporarily living in Diemen, the mayor of Diemen emphasizes.

yesterday at 7:38 PM

"Events and sports events planned for the coming days, in Amsterdam and the surrounding municipalities, can continue as usual. Public life in the region can continue as usual," says Halsema. It does, however, point out that people "must take into account the general precautions of the GGD". Hereby she refers to things like hand washing.

yesterday at 7:37 PM

"In the municipality of Diemen and Amsterdam, additional measures are now unnecessary", Halsema emphasizes.

yesterday at 7:37 PM

The children from the daycare and the school received a letter with the urgent call to keep a close eye on their children for possible symptoms. Parents have access to GGD specialists via a separate telephone number.

yesterday at 7:36 PM

The woman was at the daycare center in Amsterdam-Zuidoost this week and a primary school in the IJburg district.

yesterday at 7:36 PM

It is therefore currently unclear whether there are more infections in Amsterdam and / or Diemen.

yesterday at 7:36 PM

"The GGD immediately started an investigation into the contacts of the woman. The family consists of her partner and her three children. We cannot yet report the results of those tests."

yesterday at 7:35 PM

"The Amsterdam woman was in northern Italy last week, we suspect she contracted the virus there. She has mild symptoms, so she does not need to be admitted to the hospital."

yesterday at 7:35 PM

Halsema emphasizes: "We too are still struggling with a number of uncertainties."

yesterday at 7:35 PM

Mayor Halsema introduces those present: the mayor of Diemen, someone from the GGD Amsterdam and the director of the security region. Halsema acts as chairman of the Amsterdam-Amstelland Security Region.

yesterday at 7:34 PM

The press conference is about to begin. Mayor Halsema of Amsterdam and her colleagues take their places.

yesterday at 7:31 PM

View the live stream of the press conference here, which will begin in a few moments.

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