[Explanation] On February 28, the Information Office of the State Council held a press conference on the relevant policies to encourage enterprises to recruit college graduates and migrant workers. At the meeting, You Jun, vice minister of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, said that in 2020, there will be 8.74 million graduates from ordinary colleges and universities in China. The new crown pneumonia epidemic has brought new challenges to the employment of college graduates.

To this end, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has launched a series of policies and measures together with the Ministry of Education and other departments to minimize the impact of the epidemic on employment.

[Concurrent] You Jun, Deputy Minister of Human Resources and Social Security

The first is to broaden employment channels. Encourage enterprises to attract a batch, guide grassroots employment, and support entrepreneurship to drive a batch. The second is to optimize recruitment services and increase online recruitment. The third is to expand the scale of apprenticeships. Millions of graduates will be organized this year and next, and those who open trainee positions to enterprises will be given a policy subsidy of 3-12 months. At the same time, we will always pay attention to Hubei universities and Hubei graduates, and actively take targeted assistance measures in conjunction with relevant parties to provide them with equal employment opportunities.

[Explanation] At present, it is the golden season of spring recruitment. Due to the impact of the epidemic, offline recruitment activities have been cancelled in many places. Vice Minister of Education Weng Tiehui said that in order to ensure that college graduates are not hindered from seeking employment, the Ministry of Education launched the "24365 online campus recruitment service", and strives to recruit without seeing each other, or can sign a contract.

[Same period] Weng Tiehui, Deputy Minister of Education

Today, the "24365 Campus Recruitment" service is officially launched, that is, the service is not closed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. At present, the first five of these five companies have at least 800,000 jobs, which are relatively suitable jobs that meet the employment needs of college students and have a high degree of matching. We strive to basically transfer the job information of offline recruitment in March and April last year. Go online to push.

[Explanation] In addition, regarding the problem of re-employment of migrant workers that has attracted attention from society, You Jun said that the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security will take various measures such as building platforms, building mechanisms and strengthening services. Under the premise of comprehensive prevention and control of the epidemic, help migrant workers in low-risk areas return to work and resume work as soon as possible.

[Concurrent] You Jun, Deputy Minister of Human Resources and Social Security

We have opened a "point-to-point" employment docking information platform for migrant workers to help workers grasp the return information in a timely manner. Timely coordination of the problem of returning to work across regions, then as of the 25th, more than 800,000 migrant workers have been returned by “point-to-point” by organizing special cars, special trains, boxes, and special planes. For migrant workers who are temporarily unable to go out and have difficulty living, develop a number of temporary public welfare posts such as sanitation and sanitation, epidemic prevention, and killing to protect their basic lives.

[Explanation] You Jun said that in the next step, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security will continue to prioritize employment stability, with more precise policies and measures, and more powerful work measures to help college graduates, migrant workers and other key groups to get employment as soon as possible, Return to work in a timely manner, strive to reduce the impact of the epidemic on employment, and strive to ensure that the employment situation is generally stable.

Reported by Wang Shibo in Beijing

Editor-in-chief: [Liu Xian]