Imad Murad Doha

Historic moments in the Qatari capital, Doha, today with the signing of the peace agreement between the United States and the Taliban to end nearly two decades of conflict, which were paid for by the Afghan people and neighboring countries throughout that period.

The agreement, signed by United States special envoy to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad, deputy political official of the Taliban movement Mullah Abdul Ghani Pradar, in the presence of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and representatives of 30 countries, paves the way toward a gradual withdrawal of the United States from its longest wars.

The following are the most important provisions of the peace agreement between Washington and the Taliban:

The United States and its allies complete the withdrawal of their remaining forces from Afghanistan within 14 months of signing the agreement.

The United States reduces the number of its military forces in Afghanistan to 8,600 within 135 days.

According to the agreement, the United States is committed to refraining from the use of force and interference in Afghanistan's internal affairs.

The Afghan government is addressing the UN Security Council to remove the names of Taliban leaders from blacklists and sanctions lists as soon as possible.

The United States of America respects the sovereignty of Afghanistan.

Washington supports Afghan security forces and other government institutions.

- Washington helps create an environment conducive to bringing about final peace in Afghanistan through neighboring countries.

- Washington is committed to conducting discussions between Afghanistan and Pakistan to make arrangements to ensure that no country threatens another.

The United States, in accordance with the agreement, is ready to continue military operations in Afghanistan and with the consent of the Afghan government to block al-Qaeda and state organizational plans.

The Taliban is committed to severing its ties with al-Qaeda, the state, and other terrorist organizations.

- The Taliban is committed to entering into serious negotiations with the Afghan government to achieve peace in the country.

Qatar role
Before the signing, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appreciated the role Qatar has played in reaching this agreement, stressing that the future of Afghanistan must depend on all the potential of the Afghan people.

Pompeo stressed that the United States will continue to put pressure on all parties to reach a sovereign, prosperous and distant Afghanistan away from malicious foreign interventions, calling for entering into serious negotiations between all Afghan parties to achieve a comprehensive reconciliation in the country that strengthens this agreement and leads the country out of the tunnel of violence to peace And stability.

As for Qatari Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul-Rahman Al-Thani, during his speech he called on all countries in the world witnessing conflicts to open up to initiatives aimed at achieving peace and stability, stressing that his country will continue its efforts and mediation to achieve peace in Afghanistan.

The Qatari minister expressed his hope that this agreement will be a turning point towards the security and prosperity of the Afghan people and an end to years of violence and conflict, stressing that achieving the desired peace requires a sincere desire on both sides for a final settlement, and considered that the agreement between the United States and the Taliban is the first step to establish a comprehensive peace in Afghanistan .

For his part, the Taliban political official, Mulla Abdul Ghani Baradar, confirmed that the Taliban opens a new page with the international community and pledges to implement the terms of the agreement, saying that the agreement signed in Doha today is a historic achievement that will have repercussions on the Afghan people and country.

The Taliban political official said that during the period of hosting the negotiations, the State of Qatar has facilitated all matters and created the conditions for achieving progress in the negotiations track.

In a statement to Al-Jazeera Net, the Pakistani Foreign Minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, valued the efforts of the State of Qatar in bringing peace and stability in Afghanistan, saying that the Doha Peace Agreement between the United States and the Taliban would draw a new reality for the future of Afghanistan, by bringing lasting and comprehensive peace to the country.

The Pakistani minister expressed his hope that the efforts to reach a comprehensive reconciliation between all parties in Afghanistan would be crowned, and that the Doha agreement would be a big push to achieve this goal, stressing that his country hoped that Afghanistan would enjoy peace and stability because of the interest in the region as a whole.

For his part, Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef, a leader in the Taliban, considered that the war and insecurity in Afghanistan are not in the interest of any country in the world, pointing out that the agreement signed today in Doha will represent a strong start for his country in order to achieve stability.

Zaeef explains that the State of Qatar has done everything in its power to see this agreement come to light today, stressing that the Taliban will abide by all items signed today in Doha in order for Afghanistan to enjoy peace and stability.