It appears that the elderly or those originally suffering from diseases such as diabetes, asthma and high blood pressure are more likely to be infected with the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19), and that the victims of this epidemic are more men than women.

Since its appearance in China in December, pneumonia «Covid-19» has resulted in more than 2,800 deaths, among an estimated 83,000 cases in at least 53 countries.

In most cases, the injury leads to slight or reasonable symptoms (coughing, fever, fatigue ...), but those in more serious cases may suffer from severe shortness of breath or severe kidney failure, and even a deficiency in the work of several organs, which It may lead to death.

The average death rate remains relatively low, estimated between 1% and 3%, according to inaccurate data available to date.

This rate appears higher than seasonal flu death rates (about 0.1%), but lower than previous epidemic rates associated with coronavirus (34.5% for MERS (respiratory Middle East Syndrome) and 9.6% for SARS (respiratory syndrome) Acute), which is a virus similar to the emerging corona by 80%.

The World Health Organization states that "corona viruses are a broad line of viruses, which include viruses that can cause disorders ranging from a common cold to severe acute respiratory syndrome."

However, according to available data, there are groups that are more susceptible to infection than others.

The most comprehensive evaluation to date, published by the Chinese authorities on February 17, and then published by the American Journal of Health "Gamma" on 24 of it, shows that death rates are clearly increasing with increasing age.

Of the 45,000 injuries that were confirmed at the time, the average death rate stood at 2.3%. However, no deaths were recorded among children as young as 10 years old. Until the age of 39, the mortality rate appears low, 0.2%, to become 0.4% among the forty, forty-three% among the fifties, 3.6% among the sixties, and 8% among the seventies.

It was found that those over 80 years of age are more likely to die, as the rate was 14.8%.

Outside China, many elderly people appear among the victims. In Italy, the most affected country in Europe, six of the first 14 deaths are from people aged 80 or over.

Specialists baffle the fact that there are no deaths among younger people, as infants and children are usually very vulnerable to infectious diseases.

Another prominent feature of "Covid-19" shows that men are more threatened than death by women. While they represent 51.4% of the injuries referred to in the study published a few days ago, they constitute approximately two thirds of the deaths.

In Chinese statistics, there are indications of other potential risk factors, such as chronic disease.

In this case, the death rate rises to 6.3% among those suffering from respiratory disease (shortness of breath, asthma, chronic obstructive lung, etc.).

Also, the rate is 10.5% among those with cardiovascular disease (heart failure, previous stroke or heart attack, etc.). The rate is 7.3% among people with diabetes.

Also, the percentage is high among people with high blood pressure (6%) or cancer (5,6%). The percentage drops to 0.9% among healthy subjects.