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China-Singapore commentary: Who is ashamed of the "new citizen" treatment? "No salt" as the bottom line


(Fighting New Crown Pneumonia) China Times commented: Who is ashamed of the "new citizen" treatment? "No salt" as the bottom line

China News Service, Beijing, February 29th: Who is ashamed of the "new citizen" treatment? "No salt" as the bottom line

Author Yang Yanci

The recently released Chinese and Korean version of the official announcement of Jiangsu Yancheng said: "Recently we have noticed a new trend in the global epidemic situation, the number of new cases of pneumonia in South Korea has increased, and it has become a global responsibility to respond to the epidemic. The Koreans who live and work in Yancheng are Yancheng "New citizens" should be treated equally in the prevention and control of the epidemic. "

As soon as the announcement came out, quickly swipe the screen. As one of the most densely populated cities in the Yangtze River Delta region, Yancheng gathers thousands of Korean-funded enterprises, and more than 20,000 Koreans work and live here.

Yancheng, a city that was known as "salting the sea for salt" as early as the Warring States Period, was named "a salt field around the city". At the time of the "epidemic", it insisted on not spreading "salt" on the wounds. This is the portrayal of many cities in China. Nanjing and Suzhou also issued open letters to expatriates, stating that they should work together to create a safe and secure living and working environment.

Who is ashamed of the charity in these cities? They are in stark contrast to the actions of a handful of countries to "close the country", and the "conspiracy remarks", "exclusive sentiments" and "viral prejudices" spread in some corners of individual countries.

Although many world politicians, including UN Secretary-General Guterres, have publicly called for the abandonment of "discrimination on the epidemic," a few ulterior motivated western politicians and media seem to have hit the cold-blooded statements of "political virus" and "ill man in Asia". It is like "sprinkling salt" on the wounds of the epidemic, but also "sprinkling salt" on international relations.

Fortunately, the "Community of Human Destiny" has become the mainstream consensus of the international community. What is quite different from the above is that warm currents of love from all over the world are continually gathering in China: Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen visits China during a special epidemic period to show his support for China, Pakistan has "funded" urgently adjusted 300,000 masks, and former Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukio sends masks to survivors of the Nanjing Massacre ...

Faced with the changing global epidemic situation, China's attitude and actions taken so far have won the respect of the world. It is precisely because China first identified the pathogen and shared the viral gene sequence with the world, helping other countries to develop virus testing tools, which effectively prevented the epidemic from spreading more widely. World Health Organization Director-General Tan Desai praised China's anti-epidemic measures on many occasions. When countering the doubts of Western media, he said that "China deserves praise" and "the facts will speak for themselves." Bruce Elward, the foreign leader of the China-WHO Joint Experts Team on New Coronavirus Pneumonia, talked about the contributions made by the Chinese people, especially the people in Wuhan, and even emotionally said that this is "the world owes you" .

In the era of globalization, public health emergencies are no longer a problem in one city or one country. For this global epidemic, China's victory will help the world win; China's defeat will have unthinkable consequences.

At present, China's epidemic prevention and control fight has gradually seen the dawn. However, at the international level, the epidemic situation in countries such as Japan and South Korea is not optimistic. Chinese officials have made it clear that they are willing to provide assistance to Japan and South Korea, and will provide assistance within their capabilities to countries with weak health systems to help them strengthen their epidemic prevention and control capabilities and maintain regional and global public health security.

In the face of the "countercurrent" trend that may be caused by the epidemic situation in some countries, China did not choose to "close the door", but in a gesture of great love, it treats all nations equally and embodies the role of the great power; with the attitude of "the peace is where our hometown is" For foreigners in China, the interpretation of "foreign mountains and rivers, the same wind and moon".

This time Yancheng's "no salt" approach to treating "foreigners" as "family members" has provided another possibility and ideas for the rest of China and other parts of the world. May this warm stream of "new citizens" spread to more places and dispel the "political virus" that is more stubborn than the epidemic.

Do not sprinkle salt in epidemic wounds, it should be the bottom line of global anti-epidemic. (Finish)

Source: chinanews

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