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420,000 Finns' salaries revealed: See how you earn in different occupations


The salaries of municipal personnel, especially the demands for raising the social care sector, are now being severely torpedoed. See how much your chief, nurse and firefighter and engineer make.

The biggest collective bargaining in Finland began on Tuesday. Municipal collective agreements cover 421,000 officials and employees. The most difficult negotiations are women's wages in the military sector.

Municipal work is very female-dominated, with women accounting for 80% of municipal staff. In addition to salary increases, Tehy and Super are also requesting money from the state for municipalities to participate in the equality program.

Taloussanomat compiled salary data for all municipal jobs (see below). Use the tables to see which professions have the highest number of women, where men are, and what salary they are now paid.

The table also shows the low- and high-income officials and employees.

The municipal merit kings are chief executive officers who earn even more than mayors and deputy mayors. The basic salary is on average EUR 10,427 per month. 69% of them are men.

At the bottom of the payroll is the job of a real estate assistant who requires little training. It only has a salary of EUR 1 632. All of these workers are men.

Community caretakers - practically all women - earn just over € 2,100 (total earnings € 2,542). The salary of almost all women employed by older workers is EUR 1,900 (2,360 total earnings). Supervisor work is paid EUR 2 894.

Basic salaries for paramedics and paramedics are also low, at just € 2,440-2,500, but with bonuses and allowances, the salary increases to € 3,561-3,920. Most of them are men.

$ 2440-3561. The salary of a paramedic is EUR 3000 on each side.

Photo: Rio Gandara

The salary of a kindergarten teacher requiring a college remains at EUR 2,629 (2,966), while that of nursery teachers is 2405 (2,663). 97-98% of them are women. The municipalities pay class teachers EUR 2,741 (3,582).

With the title of vocational teacher, earn 3,572 euros (3,751) in the municipality. 64% of them are men.

Nurses' salaries range from EUR 2 476 to EUR 2 695, plus allowances from EUR 3 163 to EUR 3 218. When a nurse is trained as a specialist nurse with a bachelor's degree, the salary remains at EUR 2,667 and the total earnings are just under three thousand.

With a few exceptions, salaries range from about EUR 3 200 to EUR 4 000 for the various engineering posts in the corresponding level of education, with total salaries rising to EUR 3 300 - 5 600.

Salaries are collected from the Association of Local Government Employers and are based on Statistics Finland's data on full-time monthly salaries. In gross earnings, bonuses and overtime allowances are paid on a per job basis.

$ 2044-3201. Firefighters are almost 100% male.

Photo: Rio Gandara

The municipalities behind the weak year, brighter front

About half of the costs of municipalities and their associations are personnel costs. This year they are estimated to cut around € 22 billion in municipal spending, with wage costs of € 17.6 billion.

Personnel costs represent about 47 percent of municipal spending. The share fell to just under 50% as a result of the spike and, according to the Treasury's forecast, will remain at the same level for the next few years - if the spike is maintained.

- The state of the municipal economy was very weak last year. This was due, among other things, to last year's salary settlement, which increased salaries sharply last year. At the same time, demand for services has grown dramatically. Last year was also burdened by the poor revenue base of municipalities due to the tax gap related to the tax card reform and state subsidies, says Minna Punakallio, chief economist of the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities.

During the negotiations, workers' unions called for, among other things, the abandonment of kickbacks and higher wage increases in the export industry. The 250,000 people who work in the municipalities are either Tehy or Super.

They aim to increase wages by 1.8 percentage points to the 3.3% agreed in export sectors. The claim is considered disproportionate by the municipal employers as it would cost € 8 billion over ten years according to the RK calculation formula.

Municipal Employers (KT), on the other hand, believe that wage increases would mean an increase of around EUR 660 million in wage costs, which would be a very costly solution for distressed municipalities.

$ 4338- $ 6321. The salary of a health center physician ranges from over EUR 4,000 to 6,000.

Photo: Vilja Vehkaoja / Leaf photo

According to the RK, working hours in the municipal sector are shorter than in other sectors due to, among other things, longer annual holidays. If working hours are reduced due to the removal of spikes, more than 5,000 people will be needed in labor-affected municipalities, KT says.

However, according to the Association of Local Authorities, the forecast for local government finances will improve this year and in the coming years, as the income base is expected to develop normally.

- Of course, this too is associated with uncertainty and major municipal fluctuations. However, if the balance of municipal finances is examined on an annual basis in relation to depreciation, municipal finances are expected to be somewhat in balance this year. The forecast assumes wage increases similar to those for other sectors. Thus, the worst pressure on new co-determination negotiations is likely to wane.

If you don't see the statistics, see them here.

Source: isfi

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