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Yunnan Province Supports Hubei Medical Team to Open Psychological Counseling Clinic in Chibi City


(Fighting New Crown Pneumonia) Yunnan Province Supports Hubei Medical Team to Open Psychological Counseling Clinic in Chibi City

China News Service Kunming, February 28th (Li Rui) A reporter learned from the Second People's Hospital of Kunming on the 28th that the psychological consultation clinic opened by the Yunnan Provincial Support Hubei Medical Team at the People's Hospital of Hubei Chibi City officially opened on the 27th.

It is understood that the clinic is located on the second floor of the Chibi People's Hospital and has a comfortable and private interview room and a professional psychological evaluation system. Li Jialei, deputy chief physician of Yunnan Mental Hospital with extensive clinical experience, was present at the clinic to provide professional psychological support and rehabilitation guidance services for help seekers. Seven medical workers were received on the day of consultation.

Li Jialei is the only psychiatrist in the third batch of medical aid teams in Yunnan Province. Since arriving at the Chibi People's Hospital on February 12, working as the team leader of the psychological intervention and rehabilitation team of the medical team, he has visited the team. Twelve wards, pharmacological and psychological guidance for more than 60 patients in multiple wards, and more than 100 audio and video sessions of relaxation therapy, sleep therapy, etc. were provided to all ward patients and medical staff.

During the interview and screening, Li Jialei found that some front-line medical staff had different levels of anxiety and depression, and then gave guidance and relaxed therapy training to better alleviate the emotional stress of medical staff.

However, in the following work, Li Jialei found that due to the current workload of front-line medical care, he could not complete the relaxation training well. Secondly, the daily instillation of audio tools was a little simple, and the effect was not fully reflected; third Repeatedly entering the ward may bring some extra workload and unnecessary interference to the ward.

Under such circumstances, Li Jialei suggested to the medical team to open a psychological counseling room for medical staff to provide professional psychological counseling, symptom and emotional management, rehabilitation guidance, etc. for front-line medical staff.

The picture shows a psychological consultation clinic opened by the Yunnan Province Support Hubei Medical Team at Hubei Chibi People's Hospital. Photo courtesy of Kunming Second People's Hospital

This proposal has received a positive response from the Chibi People's Hospital. With the strong support of the hospital and the medical team, it actively prepared the consultation room. At 9 am on the 27th, the first "patient" was ushered in the clinic.

Li Jialei said that in the face of a sudden major health event, as a medical worker who is directly facing the pressure, he has endured great pressure, worry and hard work, and is prone to anxiety in a long-term working state. , Depression, depression, helplessness and other negative emotions, which in turn affect their work and life. At this time, timely and appropriate psychological intervention can effectively deal with the psychological problems of medical staff, relieve anxiety and depression, improve work status, improve quality of life, and better respond to epidemics.

Li Jialei suggested that front-line medical workers should actively seek professional health guidance and psychological support when they feel that they are not enough to cope with various discomforts and pressures at work. Timely, effective and reasonable psychological support can pass human stress. The system changes the function of the immune system and can improve immunity to a certain extent. (Finish)

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