Never before has a district court tried the rights to reindeer husbandry between two groups within the same Sami village.

In its judgment, the Lycksele district court writes that “the individual southerners, those in Vapsten's Lappby in the case, have a right of reindeer herding based on memory, which also includes the right to practice reindeer herding in the area of ​​Vapsten's Sami village. They have this right in common with the North Sami members of Vapsten's Sami village. "

Naadja Östergren, chair of the Swedish Sami Land Party, is dissatisfied with the verdict and she believes the verdict will be appealed.

- It's an unclear judgment. It makes no difference what it used to be. It feels like we're standing and stomping in the same place, she tells P4 Västerbotten.

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