Looking at the situation in Korea's corona 19, China is spreading to Koreans. Some of our fellow citizens couldn't enter their homes because of neighboring opposition, and there were warning signs written in Korean.

Beijing Songwoo correspondent reports.


In Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, 31 Koreans stopped their homes in the same apartment complex.

Yesterday (27th), after returning from Korea, I was planning to enter into self-isolation, but eventually I could not go home and headed to the hotel.

[Park, Gyu-Kyu / President of Nanjing Korea Chamber of Commerce: We have been consulted with residents to return home after 14 days at the hotel designated by the development zone government.]

China's social media such as Weibo and other fake news, such as South Koreans were discovered to hide the fact that the infection.

There are a growing number of Korean shops with Korean warning signs and closing doors.

Increasingly, areas are being forced to quarantine Koreans.

Seven Koreans who were traveling to Hebei were quarantined at the hotel, and Tianjin was also forced to quarantine passengers from South Korea today.

To date, more than 360 Koreans have been forced into quarantine.

The Korean-American Chinese Association has issued a statement calling for an apology from the Minister of Health and Welfare, saying that "Koreans from China are the main cause of the spread of corona."

[Kim Yun-jae / Secretary General of the Korean Federation of Chinese Associations: It gave us disappointment and helplessness, and it is a serious mistake that justifies the Chinese authorities' quarantine control measures against our people.]

The Chinese government says the majority of South Koreans are Chinese and say they are equally isolated.

But the Chinese's refusal to Koreans is now becoming disgusted.

(Video coverage: Choi Duk-hyun, Video editing: Lee Seung-yeol)