A young Chinese man from Wuhan, residing in Italy, took refuge in an innovative way to raise awareness, drawing attention to racism against the Chinese in Italy, after the outbreak of the Corona virus and the record of epidemic cases in Italy.

Massimiliano Jiang, in an attempt to draw the attention of the Italian citizens to racism, stood in a blind street in a famous square in the city of Florence, blindfolded with a sign saying "I am not a virus, I am a human being, do not bias me."

The facts of racism to which the Chinese are exposed after the spread of the Coruna "Jiang" virus have inspired the production of the video that was published by "UGIC", one of the Chinese-Italian youth associations.

On the streets of Florence, Italy, a Wuhan student studying abroad stood with a card saying 'I'm not a VIRUS I'm a HUMAN', see how people react! # COVID19 # ไวรัส โคโรนา สาย พันธุ์ 2019 # Covid_19 # วิด 19 pic.twitter.com/VBpHNJO9iu

- เยอะ เยอะ (@storyoverload) February 24, 2020

Jiang wrote the sign in three different languages, English, Chinese and Italian, and was surprised by the reactions of citizens and tourists in the region.

The video, posted on social media, was widely interacted on February 2, 2020.

The clip returned to circulation on a large scale after the spread of Corona disease in Italy.