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Video: This is how TV star Jesse Pynnönen broke a monk's eating ME - weight gain 5 pounds in 30 minutes


Pynnönen immersed 25 bishop monks in his stomach in 30 minutes.

It's been three years since Jesse Pynnönen started to seriously race. Since then, there has been an abundance of tacos in chilli chocolates. On Wednesday, it was the turn of the new challenge, with 50 bishop monks in front of Pynnönen, who became Tubet Star.

Unknowingly, the pink-bellied bishop is known in most of Finland as a Berlin monk, but since a record attempt was made in Turku, it was fitting to use the name used by Turks - after all, the term Berlin monk on the shore of the River Aura.

- Various donuts have been eaten. I have previously made the record, when I ate 24 Berlin monks, Pynnönen told reporters before the performance.

- That amount is going to be exceeded today.

According to Pynnönen, the composition of the monk brings the challenge of his own difficulty, because sweet is harder to get down than salty.

- You have to make your brain clutter because the monk is greasy and incredibly sweet. After the first two monks, you no longer have to think about what you are eating, he said.

Pynnönen, who has been competing abroad, is serious about racing eating. At the moment, however, he is in the off-season and the focus has been more on the power side. Here too, success has been achieved, as Pynnönen was recently the first Finn to break the 200 kilo limit (own weight + extra weight) in the weightlifting event at the Finnish Championships.

- Now has come the last couple of weeks of training almost daily for this performance. This is always a balancing act between two species if I want to do them at the highest level.

Still, something useful about eating skills is struggling.

- I lifted weights from 145 pounds to 155 at weekly jaw pulls. Contest eating helped me to gain weight so quickly. However, eight kilograms of it (by weight) have already been discharged.

To sensitize, Pynnönen fasted from the day before. He was supposed to stop eating at four o'clock in the evening, but the plan was not entirely successful.

"Brother had made bulls so they had to eat three," he revealed.

The most important thing about racing is the stretched stomach, which has to endure quite a lot of weight at a time.

- Let us say that, if the donut weighs 120 grams and eat them for about 30 and fluids on and raise the weight during half an hour to about five pounds. It takes maybe 48 hours and the weight is gone.

The first bishop monks sank abruptly ...

Photo: Tatu Lertola

Even halfway through, the minute per monk went by ...

Photo: Tatu Lertola

... but in the final stages I was feeling bad.

Photo: Tatu Lertola

The record company, organized by the record factory program and hosted by Janni Huss, started off fast. Pynnönen progressed almost monk-by-minute to the final minutes.

The tactics were clear. Next to the monks was a cup of coffee and a cup of water. Pynnönen dipped the monks into the coffee before they disappeared into the man's kit. At times he sipped water to slip through the monks.

At the very end of the mile, the man saw that the monk was stomping and bad. However, Pynnönen showed the athlete's toughness and forcibly pressed his 25th bishop into his mouth. A new record was born!

According to a quick calculation, Pynnönen consumed about 13,000 kilocalories in half an hour, equivalent to six-day meals for a normal person.

- It is no longer bad when the job is over, Pynnönen said after the performance and would belch.

- Takes an hour to get tired, but luckily there's a jerk.

Pynnönen is not going to set new records at the factories for the moment, as the next target is on the strength side.

"The goal is to be among the top three in Finland's strongest man competition in October," he said.

Eating is also a matter of minutes, as Pynnönen plans to have dinner the next evening.

- Even then, I only eat one apple.

Which recorder appreciates higher, Bishop ME or a chin-pull record?

- Yes, I appreciate the jaw-pull record. For me, these meals are more such fun, ”Pynnönen said.

Source: isfi

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