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Therese Johaug opens with a flood of hate messages - according to Norwegian newspaper, they have also been sent from Finland


Therese Johaug is by far the number one in women's cross country skiing but is not treated like a champion on the internet.

Norwegian ski queen Therese Johaug has dominated women's cross country skiing after returning to the tracks after her doping collar ended in 2018.

Last weekend, the Ski Tour ended with his overwhelming victory, and the sprint's first-ever win came in a sprint. The top spot in the World Cup is firmly in the pocket of the Norwegian.

Some are overwhelmed by overwhelm. In social media, the Norwegian is not treated like a master.

Johaug told Dagbladet in Norway that he received a lot of hate messages.

- I know many people don't like me and want to bark at me. There are only online trolls in the world. I wish people could think before they bark at others, Johaug comments.

Johaug has nearly 400,000 followers on Instagram.

When he posts a picture there, the message box and commentary on the picture are filled with lipstick and syringe emoji and language references to doping. In 2016, Johaug explained that he had received an anabolic steroid in his body from Trofodermin lip balm before being banned for a long time.

For example, in a photo posted by Johaug after the Ski Tour sprint, there are numerous doping comments.

According to Dagbladet, hate messages come from Norwegians, Swedes, Russian Poles and Finns.

In Finnish, however, Johaug is also commented on Instagram threads for example beautiful.

The flood of messages has been going on for over three years. Johaug tries not to read the messages.

- I don't get any comments for myself because they probably contain something really disgusting anyway. I think the comment should be removed, Johaug says of Instagram.

Johaug's Heidi Weng is not even allowed to read somebody's messages.

- The people around me do not think it makes sense to read the comments. I have previously taken posts in myself too much, Weng tells Dagbladet for.

Johaug and Weng are not alone in their experiences. Last weekend, Norwegian biathlonists opened up about the death threats they received.

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The Cross Country Skiing World Cup will continue at Salpausselkä next weekend. Johaug will be skating in front of the Finnish audience on the 10 km traditional race on Saturday and the message on Sunday.

Source: isfi

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