The 53-year-old woman was found with a rope tied around her neck in a residence in a place outside Karlskrona, the night of July 11. A now 56-year-old man was arrested, who has since been arrested on suspicion of murder.

There are no witnesses to the incident itself - the only person who was at the scene when the death occurred was the 56-year-old man. He says in interrogation that the woman caused the injuries himself, and that as soon as he discovered what had happened alerted police and ambulance.

Extensive police work has been required to investigate what happened at the scene. 22 people have been called as witnesses to the trial, including several forensic techniques which the prosecutor believes can prove that the woman was subjected to violence before the death. At the scene large amounts of blood were found, as well as on the suspected offender's body, which the prosecutor says indicates that the strangulation has been preceded by some form of violence.

Modified versions

During questioning, the suspected man has several times changed his version - including how and where he found the lifeless woman. In the initial interviews, he stated that he found her in bed. Later he told me that the woman was found on the floor next to the bed.

When confronted with information that his version of where she was found may not be true, he says:

- I do not know. I just know what I've been experiencing.

The interrogator: But what you say got to experience, it does not match what we found on the site. It does not match the [victim's] injuries. It does not agree with how the blood has sprayed.

- I have no comment on that. I can not explain. I lifted her up in bed and when she got up in bed, she bleed heavily out of her nose, I note.

Several relatives and acquaintances of both the victim and the perpetrator are also called as witnesses, to prove, according to the prosecutor, that the man brought the woman about life, when they have been able to tell about problems linked to the relationship of the people involved.