The second season of the Netflix series Sex Education recently kicked off with a comic series of masturbator scenes. For the fanatics who have seen the entire season, Superguide offers new tips for similar titles in collaboration with An overview of series on puberty, sex and all the struggles that come with it.

1. Big Mouth

To be seen on Netflix

For this animation series, comedians Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg were inspired by their very, very uncomfortable teenage years. We follow a group of young people who are extremely adolescent. Plagued by hormone monsters - a kind of perverse shoulder angels - the young see their lives turn into chaos.

2. The End of the F *** ing World

To be seen on Netflix

More grim than Sex Education , but with the same eccentric tone. Seventeen-year-old James has been dreaming of killing someone for years and sees a chance when he meets runaway Alyssa. James decides to join her and postpone the murder. What follows is a journey of discovery of two misfits, full of excitement and discomfort. There are now two seasons on Netflix.

3. Awkward

To be seen on Videoland

In Awkward we follow the uncertain and invisible Jenna Hamilton. After an unfortunate fall, she breaks her arm, but everyone around her thinks it was a suicide attempt. The fifteen-year-old girl gets unwanted attention and decides to use it. Hidden love, sexting, high school struggles: many elements from Sex Education can also be found in this series. All five seasons can be seen on Videoland.



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4. Skins

To be seen on Netflix

This popular British drama series focuses on the lives of teenagers in raw Bristol. Divided over seven seasons, themes such as sex, drugs, friendship, homosexuality and mental problems come up. One character is central to almost every episode.

5. Derry Girls

To be seen on Netflix

Also a British series, about a group of girlfriends in Derry in Northern Ireland. The sixteen-year-old girls grow up in The Troubles, a period in which there was strong division in their country. A tragicomic coming-of-age series in which political turmoil is mixed with teenage drama.

6. Lovesick

To be seen on Netflix

Dylan finds out that he has chlamydia and decides to contact all his previous bed partners. We see how the relationships developed through flashbacks. In the meantime, attention is also paid to the love lives of Dylan's roommates. Lovesick has older main characters than Sex Education , but works with a similar inconvenience.

7. Easy

To be seen on Netflix

For those who were particularly charmed in Sex Education by mother and sex therapist Jean, the Easy series is highly recommended. This series revolves around different characters, often couples, who face recognizable and frustrating problems. Especially in the area of ​​sex, although rumbling relationships also play an important role. Three seasons have now appeared.